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Daniel Filho wants his competency evaluated before trial

With the countdown to Daniel Filho’s November 7th trial now underway, Filho has now requested the court evaluate his competency. In a motion filed on July 18th, Filho announced his  intention to ask for a competency evaluation hearing. Given Filho’s case is in the pre-trial stage, a competency evaluation would seek to establish “competence to [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho criminal trial scheduled for November 7th, 2016

Just under a year ago, Daniel Filho was arrested in Florida. Since then Filho has been in protective custody, with a criminal case slowly progressing to trial in the background. A Joint Final Status Report was filed on June 13th, with a Final Status Conference scheduled for June 29th.

DFRF Enterprises Ponzi kingpins flee US for Brazil

Following in the footsteps of Carlos Wanzeler, two top investors in another major US MLM Ponzi scheme have fled the country for Brazil. In 2014 Wanzeler fled the US on the eve of pending criminal charges. Wanzeler is wanted by US authorities for his involvement in TelexFree, a $1.8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Now Wanderley Dalman [Continue reading…]

Final Filho Status Conference set for June 14th

Carrying on from our last set of updates in the Daniel Filho wire fraud case, today a report on the latest Status Conference. A Status Report filed before the conference on May 9th reveals that discovery in the criminal matter is complete. As previously discussed with the Court, the United States made the remaining electronic material [Continue reading…]

Daniel Filho’s criminal case edges closer to trial

In the lead up to a status conference scheduled for February 23rd, a Joint Interim Status Report has been filed by Daniel Filho and the DOJ. In the report, the following points are clarified: discovery between the DOJ and Filho are complete Filho ‘does not intend to pursue defenses of insanity, public authority, or alibi’ [Continue reading…]

Bizarre attorney-in-fact filing in Filho criminal case

With his DFRF Enterprises Ponzi empire in ruins and a criminal court case looming, Daniel Filho has brought in the big guns. Well, he’s brought in something… but to what end we’re not sure. In an affidavit filing by self-styled attorney-in-fact Lynn Schmaltz, a number of amusing demands are made.

DFRF & Filho deny Ponzi allegations, criminal case delayed

Following an SEC filing in July alleging DFRF Enterprises to be a $20+ million dollar Ponzi scheme, the company has filed a response. Founder and CEO Daniel Filho, who is also named in the SEC complaint, has asked for an extension to file his own reply. DFRF Enterprises’ response to the SEC complaint is brief, with [Continue reading…]

SEC’s DFRF Enterprises civil case stayed

Earlier this month the Department of Justice had requested that the SEC’s civil litigation against DFRF Enterprises be stayed. The SEC didn’t oppose the motion, but took no position either way. Now, in orders issued a few days ago, we can reveal that the SEC’s civil litigation against DFRF Entprises has indeed been stayed.

SEC seek default judgement against DFRF & Valdes

Two defendants in the DFRF Enterprises Ponzi bust have failed to respond to the SEC’s complaint, DFRF Enterprises itself and Heriberto C. Perez Valdes. Left with no other recourse, the SEC has now moved for a Motion of Entry of Default against DFRF and a Motion for Default Judgment against Valdes.

Two new lies exposed in Rodrigues contempt case

In an attempt to fend off being found in contempt of court, Sann Rodrigues recently asserted his Fifth Amendment right, along with claiming ignorance of the court-ordered asset freeze against. Claim the SEC: Neither of these arguments is availing.