Jeffrey Feldman’s DFRF Enterprises trial has been scheduled for March 2020.

The SEC’s initial lawsuit cited Feldman, a convicted felon, as DFRF Enterprises’ fake insurance guy.

Jeffrey Feldman is the sole officer and director of Universal Marketing Group, a Florida corporation.

He claims to be the U.S. representative of Accedium Insurance Company, which is based in Barbados and London.

Neither Accedium nor Feldman’s business, Universal Marketing Group, is licensed to sell insurance in Florida.

Following final judgment entered against five other DFRF defendants on October 22nd, Feldman is the last defendant standing.

On November 14th a Status Conference was held, after which Chief Judge Saris scheduled Feldman’s trial for February 3rd, 2020.


Update 1st February 2020 – Rather than defend himself in court, Jeffrey Feldman has settled with the SEC.