Jeremy Roma’s Daisy Ponzi scheme has collapsed again.

In a December 11th marketing video, owner Jeremy Roma revealed Daisy was ditching EndoTech. A February 2024 reboot was also announced.

Since launching in 2020 as Daisy AI, Daisy has maintained a trading ruse hidden behind EndoTech.

EndoTech is run by Anna Becker and Dmitry Goohchin.

Originally EndoTech was represented to be operated out of Israel. Today there are no contact details provided on EndoTech’s website.

The money laundering side of EndoTech is believed to be run from Dubai.

Of note is EndoTech also being behind Investview’s MLM forex investment scheme, iGenius.

As of January 2022, iGenius is the subject of an ongoing SEC investigation.

Through at least three collapses and reboots, Daisy has flip-flopped between EndoTech forex and crypto trading.

The latest reboot was only announced a few months ago in July. Like all the other previous Daisy collapses, investment positions will remain open but returns will dwindle down to nothing (if they haven’t already).

Evidently details of Daisy’s fourth reboot haven’t been finalized. Jeremy Roma is planning to reveal Daisy’s fourth reboot at a Dubai marketing event next February.

Although he’s a US national, Roma spends most of his time hiding out in Dubai.

Roma claims over $500 million in tether (USDT) has been invested into Daisy over the years. This would make it a moderately sized MLM Ponzi scheme, tipping the scales on the slightly larger side.

Roma claims Daisy’s February 2024 reboot will be “even bigger and more disruptive” then previous reboots. He expects $1 to $2 billion will be invested in the first six months from February.

As of November 2023, SimilarWeb tracked ~200,000 visits to Daisy’s primary “” website.

17% of those visits originated from Ukraine, 17% from Russia, 12% from Hungary, 7% from Canada and 7% from the Netherlands.

The British Columbia Securities Commission issued a Daisy securities fraud warning last month.

Although Roma is a US national, given Daisy primarily targets Europe it’s unclear whether US regulators will take action.


Update 23rd February 2024 – Daisy’s (first?) 2024 reboot is Blockchain Sports, a rebooted already collapsed shitcoin Ponzi.