There is no information on the Daily Turbo Pay website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Daily Turbo Pay website domain was registered on the 22nd of January 2013 but the domain registration information is set to private.


Splattered all over the Daily Turbo Pay website however are a series of marketing videos featuring the Incredible Hulk David Dubbs (photo right).

Dubb’s describes himself as ‘a guy who’s gone out there and made a ton of money on the internet‘ and claims Daily Turbo Pay was ‘two years in the making‘.

In researching David Dubb’s MLM history I found involvement in several low-key opportunities, spanning back as far as 2007 (something called “EDC Gold”, which doesn’t exist anymore).

Listing Dubb’s involvement in various schemes is somewhat of an arduous task, so instead I’ll simply reproduce a quote from Warrior Forum’s “Loren Woirhaye” (2009):

He was very active with direct selling programs like EasyDailyCash and the 1-Step System – both defunct – he would jump into a new program every few months and customers who could afford to get into the new plan would follow.

There are re-curring patterns with all programs of this nature which lack a physical product. They generally fold after 6-24 months, leaving distributors out in the cold.

Read on for a full review of the Daily Turbo Pay MLM business opportunity.

The Daily Turbo Pay Product Line

The Daily Turbo Pay product line appears to be a series of digital downloads and e-books that Daily Turbo Pay make available to affiliates to resell.

100% of the commissions generated via the sale of these digital products are retained by the affiliates who initiate the sale.

The Daily Turbo Pay Compensation Plan

Daily Turbo Pay’s compensation plan revolves around the sale of pass-up commission qualification positions, membership fee commissions via a unilevel compensation plan and resellable product sales.

Pass-up Commissions

In a traditional 2-up style compensation plan an affiliate’s first 2 commissions are passed up to their upline.

In Daily Turbo Pay this is spread out over the first nine commissions an affiliate earns. This includes the first commission earnt, which is paid to the company (so technically it’s a 3-up).

  • an affiliates first sale is paid 100% to the company
  • their second, third and fourth sales commissions are kept
  • the fifth sale is passed up to the affiliate’s upline
  • the sixth, seventh and eighth sales are kept
  • the ninth sale is again passed up to the affiliate’s upline
  • the affiliate keeps all commissions from the tenth sale onwards

This formula is maintained over three levels of membership, $99, $499 and $999.

Note that in order to qualify for commissions an affiliate must buy into the respective membership level. Commissions generated by unqualified affiliates are passed up to the first qualified upline in their genealogy.

Recruitment Commissions

Recruitment commissions in Daily Turbo Pay are paid down eight levels of recruitment, with how much an affiliate is being paid per recruited member, either via direct recruitment or the recruiting efforts of their downlines, determined by what level a recruited affiliate sits on:

  • Level 1 – $5 per affiliate
  • Levels 2 and 3 – $2 per affiliate
  • Level 4 – $1.95 per affiliate
  • Levels 5 to 7 – $2 per affiliate
  • Level 8 – $3 per affiliate

An affiliate must qualify for recruitment commissions by paying a $39 a month fee.

Joining Daily Turbo Pay

Affiliate membership to Daily Turbo Pay is $39 a month.

Note that an affiliate must self qualify for pass-up commissions, which if desired adds an additional $99-$999 cost to Daily Turbo Pay affiliate membership.


There’s an obvious disconnect in Daily Turbo Pay’s product offerings and the bulk of its compensation plan. Affiliates essentially buy into the compensation plan at either the $99, $499 or $999 level.

Naturally, Daily Turbo Pay recommend the maximum buy-in level:

The best choice is $999 where you can earn $99, $499, and $999 Instant pay commissions.

Motivation wise an affiliate buys in at the $999 level (or the other two levels) solely to qualify themselves for commissions. Commissions earnt by getting recruited affiliates to buy in at the same level.

Meanwhile the unilevel recruitment commissions are pretty much just a straight up pyramid scheme. Affiliates buy in for $39 a month and are paid a monthly commission based on how many new affiliates they and their downline have recruited.

Product commissions are available but are negligible and clearly not the focus point of the Daily Turbo Pay business when compared to the $999 commissions on offer.

After years of participation in “new programs” that “generally fold after 6-24 months” it seems as if Dubbs is testing the waters with his own scheme.

Given both major components of the Daily Turbo Pay compensation plan dependent on the constant recruitment of new affiliates willing to buy into all three levels of the compensation plan, 6-24 months of sustainability is probably a little too generous here.