Crowd1 affiliates in the Philippines are attempting to align the Ponzi scheme with the Philippine National Police Force.

As seen on Josie Dilim Watts’ Facebook page, Jona Dumolong Huenda has invested in a Crowd1 black package.

According to Crowd1’s business model, a black package equates to a €299 EUR investment.

On her own Facebook page, Jona Dumolong Huenda confirms she “works at Philippine National Police”.

The PNP are the ‘armed national police force in the Philippines’, consisting of around 205,000 officers.

In a Facebook post dated November 2018 Huenda is given the rank designation PO1, or Police Officer 1 (a patrolwoman). Her current rank appears to be Police Corporal (one up from patrolwoman).

Crowd1 markets a passive investment opportunity. The company is not registered with the Philippine SEC and operates illegally.

Back in July the Philippine SEC permanently banned Crowd1 across the country.

I can appreciate a rank and file police officer not being versed in securities law. But if an officer is going to become the face of a Ponzi scheme nationally, in an attempt to feign legitimacy in the wake of a regulatory ban, that’s probably something the Philippine National Police want to get on top of.

Whether other officers of the PNP are involved in Crowd1 is unclear.

Outside of the PNP and in violation of the SEC’s ban, scammers like Aurelio Dayso continue to promote Crowd1 through religious organizations.

In the above video, uploaded to YouTube on November 8th, Dayso tells an assembly of Crowd1 investors;

The money of the people will be distributed to the people, and rich (???) will be rich.

Why? Because they believe.

Philippines is one, but of course sometimes it can be disturbed by the enemy.

But you know what? The enemy has no power, because (???) defeated (???). So we will be victorious.

Since banning Crowd1 nationally, the SEC has not taken any further action against local promoters of the scam.