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CeraCoat Unlimited Review: Second attempt at US market

BehindMLM first reviewed CeraCoat Direct back in early 2013. Decent enough compensation plan and product, but a major problem with the opportunity was a lack of retail. At the time, only affiliates were able to purchase products from CeraCoat Direct. In late 2014 we reviewed Globally Positioned Partners, who at the time were the exclusive [Continue reading…]

Globally Positioned Partners Compensation Plan v2.0 Review

When I first reviewed Globally Positioned Partners back in December of 2014, one of the key issues of concern identified was affiliates being the main purchasers of product. Earlier this month I was informed that Globally Positioned Partners launched (relaunched?) on April 7th, complete with a new compensation plan. Figuring the old review was due [Continue reading…]

Globally Positioned Partners: Ceracoat push into US

Globally Positioned Partners launched in December 2014 and are headed up by CEO Ken Howard. No location information is provided on the Globally Positioned Partners website, however the company’s website domain lists a contact address in the US state of Florida. Presumably this is where the company is based. On the MLM side of things Howard [Continue reading…]

CeraCoat Direct Review: Nanotechnology coating

CeraCoat Direct is the network marketing arm for CeraCoat’s product line. Launched in 2009, CeraCoat Direct appear to based in the UK and provide a London based address on their website. Both CeraCoat and CeraCoat Direct were founded by Elio Keller (photo right), with CeraCoat based in Switzerland and founded in 1998. I’m not entirely [Continue reading…]