A few months ago CashFX Group founder Huascar Lopez told investors withdrawals would be caught up by the end of 2021.

As I write this, on January 1st, 2022, CashFX Group withdrawals are still months behind.

To distract away from CashFX Group fluctuating from various states of collapse throughout 2021, another “cyber attack” has been trotted out.

CashFX Group managed revealed the “cyber attack” via a social media update.

We just got in touch John Kinnear. Today he spoke with Ron Pope, the cyber attack has done more damage, for which they have had to redesign the entire back office.

Please note, this is about 2.5 years of back office that they had and had to recreate.

They are almost done with this and then new people can be registered.

CFX is very aware of the members’ contributions and wants to protect their capital well. This will take some time, but then we also know that we are well secured and that your money is safe.

The good news is that the cyber attack was not completely successful and everyone’s capital has always been protected.

And so the stage for continued CashFX Group withdrawal delays throughout 2022 is set.

The long and the short of it is CashFX Group depleted its invested funds pool some time ago. They’ve been juggling the rate of new investment with rolling withdrawal delays.

Those delays continue to blow out farther as new investment slows down. And we know new investment has slowed down because visits to CashFX Group’s website have been in decline for months.

As for cyber attacks, first of all a recent cyber attack has nothing to do with almost two years of withdrawal delays.

BehindMLM began documenting CashFX Group’s withdrawal delays in April 2020.

Secondly, if a cyber attack got through, redoing the backoffice (assuming it’s not just a cosmetic change) plugs future attacks. 

It does nothing with respect to the purported already happened attack. Which then prompts the question: what was stolen?

We know it wasn’t withdrawal funds, there’s none left.

Then there’s the cyberattack that purportedly happened back in November, just before the Christmas withdrawal rush.

If that attack didn’t get through, why did this latest one? And again, what was targeted.

Ponzi scheme or no, I’d certainly expect any company I’d given personal details to to be upfront about the potential theft of information.

Instead we have Huascar Lopez MIA.

To the best of my knowledge Lopez hasn’t been seen since the “thanks for your money!” CashFX Group cruise in late November.

Purportedly Lopez has travelling around Europe. With nonsensical updates being pushed out by his minions, in what is internally a time of crisis, I’m starting to get Ruja Ignatova vibes.

Lopez’s public social media accounts were abandoned in mid to late 2021.

Whether he resurfaces or not, Lopez’s disappearance has definitely crossed into “he’s been gone awfully long time, I wonder what’s up?” territory.