cashflames-logoAnother day, yet another advertising network based recruitment scam. I’m not really sure how many more of these the network marketing industry can take.

Read on for a full review of the CashFlames MLM opportunity.

The Company

Currently no public information exists about the admin of the CashFlames opportunity. The CashFlames domain was registered on November 18th 2011 and the registration information is set to private.

No information is provided on the CashFlames website about who is running the opportunity or who owns the company.

As always, if a company isn’t upfront about who is running things be extremely cautious in signing up and joining. A business opportunity with an anonymous owner is almost always a bad sign.

The CashFlames Product Line

CashFlames don’t have a retailable product but instead offer their members advertising units on an internal advertising network the company runs.

Upon joining the company, CashFlames members  are given the opportunity to place text, banner or login ad units.

Membership includes 3 text units, 3 banner units and 1 login ad unit.

The CashFlames Compensation Plan

The CashFlames Compensation plan revolves around matrix commissions, a recruitment commission and what CashFlames call the System Line.

Here’s a rundown of each component;

Matrix Commissions

CashFlames pays out matrix commissions using three 2×3 matrix boards. With you at the top, two legs branch out and from these two, another two and then another two – totalling three levels.

As you begin to fill your CashFlames matrix, it will start to look something like this;

Each matrix holds 14 members and upon ‘cycling’ (filling up a matrix with members), CashFlames will pay you a commission.

  • 1st Matrix – $54
  • 2nd Matrix – 780
  • 3rd Matrix – 1560

Once cycled, members are provided free re-entry into the matrix level they just cycled out of and a new spot in a next level matrix.

Recruitment Commissions

CashFlames offer two recruitment commissions. The first is a $2 one time payment for any new member you bring into CashFlames.

The second is a cycle bonus which is paid out each time one of your direct referrals into CashFlames cycles from one of the three matrices.

This cycle bonus is paid out as follows;

  • 1st Matrix – $10
  • 2nd Matrix – $20
  • 3rd Matrix – $50

The System Line

The System Line from what I understand is a sort of queue that pays out a $9 commission (and $2 to the upline of the person being paid).

CashFlames state you don’t need to personally recruit to get paid in the System Line so I believe the trigger for payments is a company wide membership tally.

Like I said though, whether this is a 1:1 (1 new member = 1 System Line cycle payout) or higher ratio is unclear due to a lack of information provided by CashFlames about their System Line.

Joining CashFlames

Membership to CashFlames is a one time payment of $20.


Like all the other internal advertising network matrix based scams out there, CashFlames’s advertising has nothing to do with the commissions offered and instead the company simply takes in a membership fee and redistributes it as commissions.

There’s no sustainable business model here as CashFlames requires on a constant new supply of members to keep the matrices going and commissions being paid out.

Once the new members stop joining the commissions will dry and CashFlames will collapse.

Another scam you’ll want to stay well clear of.