instantwealthx-logoInstantWealthX was launched sometime early this month (November 2011) by person(s) unknown. The domain ‘’ was registered on the 3rd of November and the domain registration information is set to private.

From first impressions though, InstantWealthX is yet another internal advertising network recruitment scam. Read on for a full InstantWealthX review.

The InstantWealthX Product Line

InstantWealthX have no actual product, retail or otherwise. Instead, InstantWealthX include advertising credits to be used within the company’s internal advertising network.

MLM internal advertising networks are largely useless due to the fact that you are not only marketing to a small memberbase, but exclusively to a global audience already in network marketing.

As such, you’re pretty limited in scope as to what you can succesfully advertise and typically, these networks are flooded with the latest cheap matrix based MLM scam members are trying to flog.

Upon joining the company InstantWealthX members are given 10,000 advertising credits to be spent on banner, text and login page advertising units.

InstantWealthX also claim to offer members access to ‘ informational products and useful tools’ that will be ‘added to monthly. Presumably these are your usual assortment of garbage e-downloads in the form of e-books that are out of date and utterly worthless.

So worthless that InstantWealthX don’t even bother mention any titles of the downloads on offer.

The InstantWealthX Compensation Plan

Seeing as InstantWealthX don’t have any products to sell, the company instead pays out commissions based on the recruitment of others.

Matrix Commissions

The InstantWealthX compensation plan revolves around a series of five 2×3 matrices. A 2×3 matrix starts with you at the top and branches out into 2 legs underneath you and holds 14 members;

The basic idea with a matrix is that you sit at the top and fill it with members. Once the matrix is full with members, InstantWealthX pay you a commission.

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 matrices in total, each with a different cycle commission. InstantWealthX’s five matrices and their associated commission payouts are as follows;

  • Builder Matrix – $20
  • Bronze Matrix – $70
  • Silver Matrix – $350
  • Gold Matrix – $1,500
  • Platinum Matrix – $14,500

Note that upon cycling from a matrix members are placed in a new matrix in the next level above the level they just cycled from, and they are re-entered into a new matrix on the level they just cycled out of.

Commissions are able to be earnt over and over again from matrix levels you’ve already cycled out of.

Matching Bonus

Along with your own matrix cycle commissions, InstantWealthX also pay a matching bonus everytime someone you’ve personally sponsored cycles. Again, the matching bonuses differ from matrix to matrix and they are as follows;

  • Builder Matrix – $5
  • Bronze Matrix – $25
  • Silver Matrix – $75
  • Gold Matrix – $500
  • Platinum Matrix – $900

Recruitment Bonus

For each member you bring into InstantWealthX, the company will pay you a recruitment bonus of $2.

Joining InstantWealthX

Joining InstantWealthX requires a one time $10 membership fee.


InstantWealthX has no product to retail to non-members and pays out commissions solely from the membership fees of other members.

Once new members stop joining the company the matrices stop cycling and with no other source of commissions, people stop earning commissions.

Additionally InstantWealthX are not upfront about who runs and/or owns the business and membership into InstantWealthX requires all members to accept that the company will send them spam.

The InstantWealthX ‘Terms of Participation’ state;

By signing up for the program, Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from and its members.

If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may cancel your account at any time.

Quite obviously, InstantWealthX is nothing more than a recruitment driven pyramid scheme. Avoid this scam at all costs.