Following their arrest in 2016, AlphaPool and Bonofa ringleaders Detlef Tilgenkamp, Thomas Kulla, Gernot Fuhr and Martin Böhm have received prison sentences.

Unfortunately due to how financial fraud is reported on in Germany, we don’t have specific details on each Bonofa scammer’s sentence.

Courtesy of a January 17th report from SR, what we do know is;

The masterminds behind Alphapool and Bonofa were sentenced to between six and seven years in prison in 2018. They come from Saarland.

In 2021, another defendant was sentenced to twelve months probation for criminal advertising.

I believe the sentences were handed down in relation to AlphaPool, a shell company intertwined with Bonofa.

SR reports;

The actual Bonofa proceedings were discontinued in 2020 because the expected punishment would no longer be of considerable importance given the verdict that had already been passed, according to the Saarbrücken public prosecutor’s office.

If I’m understanding correctly, the AlphaPool sentencing was deemed sufficient punishment. Thus the Bonofa criminal charges were dropped.

German authorities also failed to apprehend some AlphaPool and Bonofa scammers, resulting in their cases being dropped too.

Last year, the last cases against several defendants, some of whom were still absconding, were discontinued.

When exactly the cases were closed I’m not sure by SR reports, as of January 2024, that the AlphaPool and Bonofa criminal cases in Germany are now deemed concluded.

Bonofa was an MLM Ponzi scheme tied to the failed Cube7 social network. German authorities peg Bonofa losses at “more than 50 million euros”.

Following the arrest of Bonofa CEO Martin Böhm (right) and his accomplices in May 2016, a few months later what was left of Bonofa was sold to the notorious OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

While AlphaPool and Bonofa were run from Germany, a large percentage of its “tens of thousands” of victims were from poor countries in the Carribbean and Africa.