A previously ordered stay on BitClub Network criminal proceedings has been extended through to May 30th.

Back in February the New Jersey District court issued a standing order,

continuing all civil and criminal jury selections and jury trials in the District of New Jersey scheduled to begin before April 30, 2020.

On April 20th that order was extended through to May 31st.

The reason for the original order was the COVID-19 situation, which eventually lead to a State of Emergency being declared.

With no jury selection allowed, naturally criminal proceedings are impossible.

Other deadlines set in the case (discovery and filing) remain in place.

Looking forward, the BitClub criminal proceedings are effectively stayed until further notice.

Bad news for Joby Weeks, who by all accounts isn’t enjoying his time in prison.

Pending further extension orders as we near May 31st, stay tuned…


Update 12th May 2020 – Citing “substantial discovery” provided to defense counsel and more yet to be provided, on May 8th the DOJ requested the BitClub Network criminal case receive complex designation.

Under these circumstances, it will not be possible for trial to proceed prior to July 15, 2020 because the parties will still be completing the exchange and review of Rule 16 discovery.

Later that same day a complex case order was made, delaying proceedings until July 15th.

I’ve marked our next case docket check for June 15th.


Update 15th June 2020 – On May 28th the existing standing order staying the BitClub Network case was extended through August 31st.

Joby Weeks has also filed a sealed motion requesting a reversal of his detention order.

His attorney has informed the court he doesn’t intend to file a motion to seal the appeal motion, meaning it will probably be unsealed later this coming week.

I’ve marked our next docket check for Saturday June 20th.