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Bidify Review: Offshore concerns & forced respends

Foreword: Following the SEC shut down of Zeek Rewards in August 2012, Bidify abolished the compensation plan detailed below and relaunched with a more “traditional” MLM compensation model. You can read BehindMLM’s analysis and review of the new Bidify compensation plan here (version 2.0). A third Bidify compensation plan was released on August 28th introducing [Continue reading…]

Bidify Prelaunch: Zeek Rewards clone or new idea?

Penny auctions have been around since 2005 but it was only last year that Zeek Rewards burst onto the scene combing the auction model with a MLM compensation plan. Operating largely as an investment scheme, the company allows members to invest money via the “purchase” of VIP bids, give the bids back to the company [Continue reading…]