Ben Quigley has announced he’s bailing from his Gifting Communities scheme.

The announcement was made in a “members only” April 28th Gifting Communities webinar.

Rather than just be upfront about bailing, Quigley (right) maintains he’ll “still be working with leadership”.

[50] I am stepping down as President of Gifting Communities.

Now I’m still gonna be working with leadership in a membership role. And um working with Morris to grow the community.

This suggests while he’s done running the scam (at least publicly), Quigley will maintain his Gifting Communities admin positions.

Citing it as one of the reasons he’s bailing, later Quigley provides insight into how he ran Gifting Communities;

[2:06] The truth behind why this has all started is because of what some of you guys might have seen from time, brash pen (?) is what it’s called.

Where I have attacked people and come out and just “nnghff”, you know?

And I regret it every time and I feel bad afterwards.

It was just stress. Everyone has different things going on in their life and I took it out on some people.

I want to first apologize to anybody that I picked up the phone, sent a voice message or even an abrupt message in text, and I blasted you for asking questions.

Quigley stealing positions and “mismanagement of funds” also comes up. Quigley denies any wrong doing, but does admit he’s collected over $150,000 through admin positions.

Recruitment is another issue. Quigley claims Gifting Communities is “four months behind” in its recruitment goals.

Quigley has left Gifting Communities co-founder Morris Palmore (right) in charge.

Prior to stealing ~$50,000 through Gifting Communities (as put forth by Quigley), Palmore doesn’t appear to have done anything significant in the MLM space.

According to his LinkedIn profile Palmore is based out of California.

Running and promoting gifting schemes is illegal across the US.


Update 8th July 2021 – Gifting Communities has collapsed.