Ben Quigley has released specifics pertaining to his new Evolution Gifting Community scam.

Rather than just admit Gifting Communities was always going to collapse and did, Quigley frames the collapse as a lesson learnt.

We got together last year and we learned a ton and we gifted out millions of dollars in not a very long time, just over six months.

Took us to about twelve million dollars gifted out.

So we learned a lot.

We are now doing things a little bit different, in a way that is gonna help everyone move along a lot faster with the gifting process.

For the most part Evolution Gifting Community carries over the same model Gifting Communities used. Gifting Communities itself being a reboot of Quigley’s original scam, Kevlar Gifting Communities.

Participants gift each other funds across $500, $1500 and $3000 tiers.

  • gift $500 and when enough people have been scammed you receive $4000
  • gift $1500 and when enough people have been scammed you receive $7500 plus new $3000 and $1500 tier positions
  • gift $3000 and when enough people have been scammed you receive $21,000 plus a new $3000 tier position

Payments are tracked via a 2×3 matrix. Payment platforms used to participate are CashApp, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

One addition is a $100 membership fee, which Quigley slices off the top of gifting payments received.

Quigley is encouraging Evolution Gifting Community participants to make six gifting payments at the $500 tier. This fills six level 3 positions of a matrix.

Notably, existing Gifting Communities positions are going to be ported over to Evolution Gifting Community.

This means the scheme is already bogged down with victims. It also means any new participants are extremely unlikely to be part of the few percentage that profit.

Evolution Gifting Community has an early August launch date. Quigley is running his gifting scam through a Telegram chat group.

Participants who don’t respond to group text and Telegram chats within 4 to 24 hours risk having their gifting positions confiscated.


Update 23rd September 2021 – Ben Quigley has deleted the cited Evolution Gifting Community YouTube video.

As a result I’ve removed the previously accessible link to the video in the article.

Whether Quigley has abandoned Evolution Gifting Community is unclear.

Quigley is currently promoting iHub Global and Xifra Ponzi scheme on social media.