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Sol People Review: Awakend reboots with new execs

Sol People emerged about a fortnight ago. At the time all we knew was Sol People was an Awakend reboot, headed up by co-CEOs Ashlee Headlee James and Whitney Rose. Although he’s put others in charge through executive title, Awakend owner Rodney James is believed to still own and ultimately call the shots within Sol [Continue reading…]

Awakend collapses, website gone + Sol People reboot

Following months of decline and a bungled acquisition of Q Sciences, Awakend has collapsed. At time of publication Awakend’s website has been scrubbed, leaving visitors in the dark as to what’s going on.

Awakend ordered to pay $33,176 in NewULife legal fees

As part of a partially successful anti-SLAPP suit brought against it, Awakend has been ordered to pay $33,176 towards NewULife’s legal costs.

Q Sciences purchased by Awakend founder Rodney James

A dispute over unpaid commissions has revealed Aawakend founder Rodney James has purchased Q Sciences. BehindMLM noted Awakend’s Zenith supplement being sold through QSciences last month. A week after this update, James purchasing Q Sciences was framed as a “strategic partnership“. Why James’ purchase of Q Sciences was just openly disclosed is unclear.

NewULife files anti-SLAPP response to Awakend’s lawsuit

NewULife has filed an anti-SLAPP response to Awakend’s defamation lawsuit against them.

Awakend Zenith patent trial pushed back to November 2023

The Awakend Zenith patent dispute was set to be decided at trial on March 28th, 2023. Following a stipulation filed on January 2nd, a new November 2023 trial date has been set.

Awakend ships out replacement Zenith due to capsule issues

Awakend has announced it will ship out replacement Zenith after identifying solubility issues with its capsules.

Awakend sues NewULife & Alexy Goldstein for defamation

Awakend has filed a defamation lawsuit against NewULife and founder Alexy Goldstein. Surprisingly, Awakend’s complaint details allegations pertaining to BehindMLM’s editorial integrity.

Awakend ships Zenith… with different ingredients?

After months of nonsense and at times even flat out lies, Awakend has finally begun shipping its Zenith weight loss supplement. Just one problem… the shipped Zenith has completely different ingredients to what Awakend has been marketing since August.

Danelle Meoli misleads Awakend distributors on “exclusive rights”

Awakend co-founder Danelle Meoli continues to mislead distributors and the public on “exclusive rights”, pertaining to the yet-to-be-shipped supplement Zenith.