Awakend has announced it will ship out replacement Zenith after identifying solubility issues with its capsules.

In a corporate webinar held earlier today, Awakend co-founder Rodney James claims the issue was discovered following feedback from distributors.

[10:37] We take your feedback very seriously. And we have gotten back some feedback on the Zenith product that has concerned us.

That people have said, “Hey I’m taking the product and passing it whole. The capsule’s not disintegrating.”

We took that feedback to our manufacturers and they provided us … testing results, showing us that these capsules did disintegrate within the appropriate amount of time and met the testing protocols.

We took that information and went out and did troubleshooting with different teams. And we continued to get enough feedback that it… y’know what? Our spidey senses went off and we said, “I think we need to do our own third-party testing at a certified lab.”

And so we sent that out and we got those results late Monday night of this week. (The results showed) that in fact the capsules did not meet the standard. They were not disintegrating in the correct amount of time.

And so we have been working behind the scenes to develop something that is consistent with the overall mission of Awakend.

As a result of Zenith’s capsule solubility issues, James went on to announce Awakend would be replacing Zenith shipped out to distributors and customers.

[12:05] Since the product did not meet the testing protocols, we will be doing a product replacement program for everyone that has purchased the product.

There’s no need to return the product. There’s no need to get an RMA. There’s no need to contact customer support.

Anyone that has purchased Zenith will be getting a replacement product.

[12:45] Anybody that has additionally returned the product, so we’ve had quite a few people that have already returned, we’ll be shipping those people out one additional bottle for free as a “win back” campaign.

James’s wife goes on to state Awakend has switched its capsule manufacturer. New Zenith is expected to hit their warehouse in February.

Awakend purportedly stopped shipping its original defective Zenith on Monday.

Outside of Awakend’s current controversies, I can’t fault their plan of action. Replacing faulty product at no cost to the consumer is the right thing to do.

Providing customers and distributors who returned product with a free bottle is, albeit motivated by marketing, a great move.

Awakend is currently in a patent dispute over Zenith’s original intended Trisynex formula. In the meantime, Awakend is shipping Zenith with a Celadrin-based formula.

The Trisynex patent dispute is expected to be resolved at trial, kicking off on March 28th, 2023.


Update 20th January 2023 – The March 28th patent trial has been rescheduled to November 14th, 2023.