There is no information on the Auto Recruiting Platform website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Auto Recruiting Platform website domain (“”) was registered on the 7th of August 2011, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals Auto Recruiting Platform affiliates naming Don Glanville as the owner of the company:



Why this information is not available on the Auto Recruiting Platform website is unclear.

Glanville (right) first popped up on my radar back in 2010 through his involvement in GiveOpp.

GiveOpp tried launched with a super-secret marketing strategy under the guise of providing ‘communities with sustainable agriculture, water resources and social well-being‘. This approach ultimately failed to gain any traction, resulting in GiveOpp flopping shortly after launch.

Read on for a full review of the Auto Recruiting Platform MLM business opportunity.

The Auto Recruiting Platform Product Line

No product information is provided on the Auto Recruiting Platform. Further research reveals the company appears to be marketing an SMS lead capture platform.

As the name of the opportunity suggests, Auto Recruiting Platform’s lead generation platform is designed to help those who use the platform “recruit” new people into various income opportunities.

Retail doesn’t appear to exist within the opportunity, with participation as an affiliate and access to the lead generation platform all falling under the one $249 fee.

The Auto Recruiting Platform Compensation Plan

The Auto Recruiting Platform compensation plan revolves around the recruitment of affiliates and ongoing payment of membership fees.

When an affiliate pays Auto Recruiting Platform $249 to join, $100 is paid to the affiliate who recruited them and $100 is paid to their upline (the affiliate who recruited them).

After paying this $249 fee (which is an ongoing monthly fee), an Auto Recruiting Platform affiliate then qualifies themselves to receive $100 commissions on every new affiliate they recruit.

If any of these new affiliates recruit new affiliates the original affiliates receives a residual $100 commission.

In a nutshell, the Auto Recruiting Platform’s commission structure can be summarised as a two level capped unilevel MLM compensation plan.

Joining Auto Recruiting Platform

Auto Recruiting Platform costs $249 a month to participate in as an affiliate.

There appears to also be an additional (and optional) $100 a month charge if an affiliate wishes to participate in a company run lead co-op (sharing of company generated leads amongst affiliates who pay the additional $100 fee).


Over the years Don Glanville has been marketing lead capture opportunities (directly and indirectly) primarily targeting email. Now he’s decided to whack on an SMS component to the concept and what you have is essentially the re-branding of his “Reverse Funnel System”.

This is evident in the use of “RFS” on various pages of the Auto Recruiting Platform website:


Even Auto Recruiting Platform’s “manifesto”,


is the exact same manifesto Glanville used for GiveOpp (2010) and before that the Axiom Marketing Alliance:


The basic gist of the Reverse Marketing Funnel is to provide as little information as possible about whatever it is being used to market, until a lead has voluntarily opted into the system.

The spiel being used to market Auto Recruiting Platform is Glanville himself claiming to be sharing a “business in a box” that generates him a monthly residual income in the millions.

In a marketing video on the Auto Recruiting Platform website, Glanville claims he’s never shared “the entire thing” before.

After a lead has opted into the system, Auto Recruitment Platform charge a $4.95 fee to access more information. This is done in an attempt to weed out those they feel are not truly serious about the opportunity.

Such is the emphasis on maintaining total secrecy that affiliates are
threatened with a $250,000 fine if they reveal information about the other participating affiliates.

At no time can a RFS™ member use the name of another RFS™ member for any reason.

Members are strictly forbidden to mention in anyway during the sales or recruiting process or in casual conversation the names of other RFS™ members either active or inactive.

Members with RFS™ are given totally anonymity to operate within the RFS™ association 100% anonymously.

Any member found to have leaked out to a non member of RFS™ the name of another RFS™ member including members with celebrity status will be charged a fine up to $250,000 per instance and held liable for breaking our anonymity polices, which is grounds for immediate and permanent termination.

Again note the use of “RFS”, which has been lazily copy and pasted from previous incarnations of the system.

On the MLM opportunity side of things there’s nothing inherently wrong with offering a lead capture platform, even with Auto Recruiting Platform’s super secret reverse funnel approach. It’s a service and people pay for it.

The red flags with Auto Recruiting Platform begin with the complete lack of transparency and disclosure on the company website. In the world of MLM today this just isn’t good enough and should instantly set off alarm bells.

Compensation plan Auto Recruiting Platform is your simple two level recruitment dependent commission structure.

Affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliates, and are paid out residually down two levels. Level one is their personal recruits and level 2 is their personal recruit’s recruits.

Once affiliates at the bottom are unable to recruit they stop paying their $249 a month, meaning those above them stop getting paid. They stop paying their monthly fee and before you know it the entire scheme has collapsed.

In Auto Recruiting Platform affiliate’s marketing attempts there no doubt going to be mention of income to be made by attaching the platform to various other recruitment orientated MLM opportunities out there.

Note that any such claims have nothing to do with how commissions are generated and paid out in Auto Recruiting Platform. Whether the reverse funnel lead generation platform works with other systems is not the issue here, it’s how Auto Recruiting Platform pay out their affiliates – which appears to be solely on the recruitment of new affiliates.

That unfortunately drags the Auto Recruiting Platform MLM opportunity into pyramid scheme territory, which anyone thinking about signing on as an affiliate should take into careful consideration.