The usual deal with dubious MLM opportunities is that after launching their latest venture, the owners of these recruitment scams usually wait a few months before re-launching their latest venture.

More often than not this latest venture is nothing more than the same concept rebadged.

And so it is with Max Stiegemeier’s latest opportunity Auto Profit Global. Barely a month after launching Auto Profit Machine, Stiegemeier has upped the membership fee and appears to be hoping that no one is none the wiser.

Read on for a full review of the Auto Profit Global opportunity.

The Company

Auto Profit Global is owned and run by Max Stiegemeier. Stiegemeier’s previous MLM venture, Auto Profit Machine, was launched just a month ago and relied on membership sales to generate commissions.

New membership sales for Auto Profit Machine must have dried up as Stiegemeier is back with Auto Profit Global, which is the exact same premise as its previously launched cousin.

A quick visit to Stiegemeier’s Twitter account reveals a series of MLM opportunities launched over the last six months, including Little Cash Bot and Auto Cash Bot (more on the significance of these two particular companies later).

The Auto Profit Global Product Line

Like Auto Profit Machine, Auto Profit Global has no retailable products or services. Instead, Auto Profit Global members market membership to the opportunity itself.

Attached to the membership of Auto Profit Global is access to something Stiegemier calls the ‘Platinum Mentorship Webinar‘. This webinar is played three times a day and Stiegemier claims it ‘teaches you how to be successful online‘.

The Auto Profit Global Compensation Plan

With no products to sell the Auto Profit Global compensation plan is simple. For each member who purchases membership to the opportunity, the recruiting member is paid out a $100 commission.

Stiegemeier’s last venture, Auto Profit Machine, paid out a residual commission down five levels but with a complete lack of payout structure Stiegemeier provides on the Auto Profit Global website, it’s unclear whether this residual income component has been carried over to Auto Profit Global.

Joining Auto Profit Global

Auto Profit Global costs a onetime fee of $200 to join.


Viewing the source-code of reveals that the website is pulling most of its data directly from

Extreme Cash Robot is another one of Stiegemeier’s ventures that appears to have launched around mid 2010. From what I understand the basic idea is that it was a lead generation opportunity via an advertising rotator.

You pay Stiegemeier a membership fee of $198 and you can advertise whatever you want on a rotator network that Stiegemeier assumedly drives traffic to.

This system appears to have been relaunched again a year later in mid 2011 as ‘Auto Cash Bot’. Auto Cash Bot was $297 to join and $77 a month after that and once again was an advertising rotator.

A few months later Stiegemeier relaunched (starting to see a pattern here?) a cheaper version of Auto Cash Bot as ‘Little Cash Bot’. With Little Cash Bot the membership cost was reduced to $97 with a monthly fee of $9.95.

Unlike Auto Cash Bot though, where users could advertise their own sites, Little Cash Bot was a mere affiliate link rotator for the Auto Cash Bot and Little Cash Bot opportunities. If someone signed up using your provided affiliate page to either opportunity, you got paid a commission.

Somewhere in 2011 between the Cash Robot launches, Stiegemeier also launched ‘Crazy Daily Cash’. This was yet another recruitment driven opportunity that cost $197 to join and utilised a 1-up compensation plan. This meant that members passed their first commission to their upline but kept the rest.

Crazy Daily Cash appears to have fizzled out a few months later shortly after being launched.

Fast forward a few months again and Stiegemeier launched a new opportunity, Auto Profit Machine. This time membership was set at $100 and members once again received commissions for every new member they signed up.

Auto Profit Machine was a little different in that Stiegemeier introduced a 70/30 split into his rotator engine. This meant that out of every 100 hits to your website, 30 of these visitors would see another member’s Auto Profit Machine signup page.

Despite the introduction of the rotator though, the premise of paying out commissions based on members signing up to the opportunity remained the same.

Now, a few months later Stiegemeier is yet again relaunching another opportunity with Auto Profit Global. Unlike the Cash Robot opportunities though, this time around he launched the cheaper opportunity with Auto Profit Machine ($100 to join) first, and is now launching the more expensive partner opportunity.

Both Auto Profit Machine and Auto Profit Global are built on the EzyGold Network Marketing script software. This is confirmed in the source code of both sites by the inclusion of references to an EzyGold theme stylesheet (you can search for ‘ezygold’ in the source code of both sites yourself).

EzyGold is not developed by Stiegemeier’s own personal programmer, as he attempts to assert in his marketing videos, but rather is a third-party software company who sell their network marketing scripts to anyone.

EzyGold claim that by purchasing their software, anyone can create their

very own internet cash cow, complete membership money making system.

And that’s exactly what Stiegemeier appears to have been trying to do this last year and a half via the launch of no less than five separate short-lived opportunities.

Reliant on new members to purchase membership to the site, like Stiegemeier’s other ventures before it, no doubt Auto Profit Global will also expire in a few months once people stop purchasing membership to the opportunity.

At the end of the day, if you’re not selling anything other than the opportunity itself, regardless of whether the company pays out or not, you’re still looking at a scam.

Given the above and Stiegemeier’s MLM track history, staying away from Auto Profit Global pretty much becomes a no-brainer.