When you visit the AutoProfitMachine website you aren’t really told much. There’s a video that starts playing where some guy called ‘Max’ tells you a story about how he had an idea to generate massive profits on auto-pilot.

Max says that in order to get this out the masses he hunted down some programmers and set the system up. AutoProfitMachine is the end result of Max’s masterplan to make everybody rich on auto-pilot.

Too bad it’s all a lie.

Read on for a full review of the AutoProfitMachine MLM opportunity.

The Company

Apart from ‘Max’ in the video you see, AutoProfitMachine do not share with you who is running or owns the business. The AutoProfitMachine domain was registered on November 15th, 2011 and the opportunity went live a few days ago.

Although the company don’t wish to share who’s running things with you, if you look at the source code of autoprofitmachine.com, you’ll see that it pulls a video from the domain ‘crazydailycash.com’.

At this domain you’re presented with yet another video with a sob story, this time presented by Max Stiegemeier.

Does his voice sound familiar? It should, it’s the exact same voice on the autoprofitmachine.com website.

Warning: If you start watching the CrazyDailyCash video on the website, be warned it runs for 24 minutes but is still worth a watch as it’s quite amusing. It’s full of your usual ‘don’t listen to all those gurus and their crappy stories’, and then Stiegemeier hits you with his own ‘I cracked the code and entered the secret society of internet marketers’ guru story.


Before CrazyDailyCash, it appears Stiegemeier ran yet another similar recruitment scam called ‘ExtremeCashRobot’, which appears to be an capture page generation system.

Note that on the ExtremeCashRobot website you can see yet another video from Stiegemeier where he tries to get people to sign up.

I wonder exactly how many times Stiegemeier has launched and relaunched relaunched his little membership opportunities?

Conclusion? Max Stiegemeier is the owner and admin of AutoProfitMachine. Although why he doesn’t want you to know that should raise some alarm bells.

The AutoProfitMachine Product

As I mentioned earlier, AutoProfitMachine do not share much with you unless you sign up on their website. There’s a video to watch and then AutoProfitMachine demand your personal information before telling you anything else.

Again if we look at the source code of ‘autoprofitmachine.com’ the first thing we notice is a bunch of references that look like this:


‘EzyGold’ is a MLM script which has been around since 2007 and serves as the backend for membership MLM opportunities.

Given that AutoProfitMachine runs on EzyGold and doesn’t seem to have any product available until you join the company, it’s pretty safe to say that membership to AutoProfitMachine is the product itself.

The AutoProfitMachine Compensation Plan

The AutoProfitMachine opportunity is powered by the EzyGold MLM backend script. This means it’s a membership based opportunity and in turn pays out a commission when people join the business.

When you join AutoProfitMachine you are given a replicated website. Each time someone joins AutoProfitMachine via your replicated website you earn a $25 commission.

The gimmick with AutoProfitMachine to keep people interested though, and to differentiate the business from a straight forward ‘recruit people, earn money’ opportunity is that everybody’s replicated website is on a percentage rotator.

This rotator is split 70/30, which means that 30% of visitors to your replicated website is redirected randomly to other member’s websites. The idea is that you give up 30% of your website visits, but make it back with visits from everyone elses websites.

Note that these are just visits to websites, and are not necessarily signups (which is where you earn your commission).

In addition to the recruitment commission offered by Auto Profit Machine, the company also pays out a residual commission 5 levels deep;

  • Level 1 – $25
  • Level 2 – $5.95
  • Level 3 – $1.95
  • Level 4 – $1.00

This means that if someone you’ve personally recruited sells an Auto Profit Machine membership, you earn $25. If the newly recruited member makes a membership sale (your level 2), you earn $5.95 and so on and so forth.

Joining AutoProfitMachine

Joining AutoProfitMachine requires a one time membership fee of $50.


For whatever reason Max Stiegemeier doesn’t want to be publicly associated with AutoProfitMachine and that’s probably something to do with his last venture, CrazyDailyCash.

I’m betting CrazyDailyCash operated in much the same manner as AutoProfitMachine, in that members were simply paid out commissions based on how many new members they recruited into the system.

Naturally this system falls apart when new members dry up, and given that we’re over six months into CrazyDailyCash it appears that’s exactly what’s happened.

So what does Stiegemeier do?

He restarts the exact same opportunity under a new name, AutoProfitMachine, and hopes for the best. Note that wheres CrazyDailyCash membership was $197, this obviously didn’t work out to well as the same system is now going for just $50.

Even with the price drop though, no doubt 6-12 months down the track the exact same thing will happen again (no recruits = no commissions) and he’ll start again with yet another program powered by EzyGold.

Who loses out? You the member.

Recruitment scams just don’t work, fundamentally because there simply isn’t an unlimited source of new recruits in the world. Eventually they all hit the brick wall of nobody signing up and when that happens, scams like AutoProfitMachine fall apart.

Within the introduction for AutoProfitMachine Stiegemeier pretty much lays down a fictional story to hook you in and get you interested. To cut a long story short, Stiegemeier has put up a website powered by EzyGold and is trying to pass it off as some miracle profits story.

The CrazyDailyCash video pretty much gives you an insight into how Stiegemeier operates. I mean really… it’s a nice long story but it’s just that… a story.

This guy is just another run of the mill scam operator. And his system?

The 30/70 split of website views might differentiate AutoProfitMachine from the other basic pyramid scheme automated income systems, but ultimately it’s still a recruitment driven scheme itself.

People pay membership fees, Stegemeier takes his cut and pays you the other half. That’s it.

Honestly folks, this is just as much of a scam as any other recruitment driven opportunity not using the 30/70 split. No wonder Stiegemeier doesn’t want to put his name to it.


Footnote: There also appears to be some security flaws with the system too. What I believe is the signed up but not paid up member list is was available here>, and a list of paid members (ones who have paid $50) is was available here (along with the admin page under ‘admin_f’).

These basic mistakes from a guy who claims to have been on the internet since 1999 and internet marketing since 2002.

Sure thing Max, sure thing.


Update 7th December, 2011: After I highlighted the glaring mistakes of Max Stiegemeier, he spat the dummy and has since plugged the AutoProfitMachine vulnerabilities so I’ve removed the links.