Just days after featuring on BehindMLM, the Aufin Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Aufin’s collapse follows an Aufin Coin exit-scam announcement, as well as an email begging investors for more money.

BehindMLM only got around to reviewing Aufin a few days ago on June 3rd. The Ponzi scheme launched in early May.

At time of publication Aufin’s website is still up and affiliates are able to login.

Following a maintenance announcement however, withdrawals have and remain disabled:

Shortly after disabling withdrawals, Aufin’s admins sent out an email begging investors for more money.

Just before Aufin’s maintenance exit-scam, the company announced plans for Aufin Token/Coin (click to enlarge):

Aufin’s current status lends itself to a few possibilities going forward.

The simplest scenario is Aufin’s website goes down, that’s the end of it, sorry for your loss etc.

Alternatively Aufin gets its Aufin Coin going, launches it and proceeds to a shitcoin exit-scam.

That is withdrawals are switched to Aufin Coin and affiliates are encouraged to invest in it because moon.

Aufin Coin gets dumped on dodgy public exchanges, admins cash out, Aufin Coin dumps and sorry for your loss.

There might have been a hiccup introducing Aufin Coin to the backend, hence the maintenance delay. Or perhaps recruitment wasn’t high enough to make going through the shitcoin exit-scam worthwhile.

Another factor to consider is Aufin reportedly being linked to Metafi Yielders via use of the same back-end wallets. Note that I myself have not personally verified this.

Metafi Yielders also recently collapsed. This might factor in to Aufin not proceeding with its planned shitcoin exit-scam.

As of June 2022, Aufin claimed over $15 million had been invested by over 17,000 affiliate investors. Keep in mind those are inhouse reported numbers, so grain of salt and all that.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you updated.


Update 11th June 2022 – Aufin’s collapse can likely be attributed to a pending financial fraud warning from the Central Bank of Russia.