Aufin has received a financial fraud warning from Russia.

As per the Central Bank of Russia’s June 10th warning, Aufin exhibits signs of a “financial pyramid”.

BehindMLM noted Aufin’s collapse on June 7th. Given the timing of the CBR’s warning, it’s likely an internal investigation prompted the exit-scam.

Aufin was a 9% a day Ponzi scheme that pretended it was based out of the UK.

Aufin reportedly being linked to Metafi Yielders via use of the same back-end wallets. Metafi Yielders also recently collapsed.

Michel Daher, the actor playing Michael Daher, has gone into hiding.

Daher represented he was based out of Perth, Australia. I have seen reports he was in or has fled to Malaysia. This remains unconfirmed.

Due to Metafi Yielders’ use of Boris CEO Michael Daher, we suspect both it and Aufin were run by Russians.

As of June 2022, Aufin claimed over $15 million had been invested by over 17,000 affiliate investors.

SimilarWeb estimates top sources of traffic to Aufin’s website as Brazil (25%), Vietnam (14%), the UAE (12%) and Ecuador (9%).