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Ariix acquires Asantae (details not disclosed)

Amid reports of unpaid commissions and an overall decline in business, Ariix announced a few days ago that they have acquired Asantae. BehindMLM only recently published an updated Asantae review, which detailed claims of commissions owed to Asantae affiliates dating back to October 2014. We also noted the Asantae’s website rank had dropped to 7.9 [Continue reading…]

Asantae Compensation Plan Review v2.0

BehindMLM first reviewed Asantae back in January of 2013. Back then there was a major information dearth on the Asantae website, which led to a review that was less than complete compared to what we normally publish. Since then Asantae have picked up their game, with the company now providing detailed compensation plan material on their [Continue reading…]

Asantae Review: Bits and pieces of information

  Asantae operate in the health and wellness MLM niche and seems to have been launched around 2001. Details on this seem to be a bit sketchy as the Asantae website does not explicitly clarify the company’s history. From what I’ve read though (unverified) Asantae was launched around 2001 and either prior to or during [Continue reading…]