ariix-logoAmid reports of unpaid commissions and an overall decline in business, Ariix announced a few days ago that they have acquired Asantae.

BehindMLM only recently published an updated Asantae review, which detailed claims of commissions owed to Asantae affiliates dating back to October 2014.

We also noted the Asantae’s website rank had dropped to 7.9 million, suggesting little to no business activity was taking place.

Ariix made the procurement announcement via a press-release dated January 11th.

ARIIX is excited to welcome fellow network marketing company, Asantae, as well as its many individual Representatives and customers, to the family.

Through expansion opportunities such as these, and as more and more companies join together with ARIIX, the organization will continue to be one of the fastest growing network marketing companies of all time.

The specifics of the merger are unfortunately not provided. This leaves open the questions of how much Ariix paid for Asantae, and what role Asantae management will have within Ariix (if any) going forward.

Curiously there’s no mention of the merger on the Asantae website. The last post on the Asantae Facebook page is dated December 26th, in which the company wished affiliates a merry Christmas.

BehindMLM published our first Ariix review back in October of last year. Whether the merger with Asantae will bring with it any changes to the company’s compensation plan remains to be seen.