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Cascadia Finance mull Argent Global Network lawsuit

Yesterday saw Argent Global Network issue a rather strange communication to their affiliates. In it, the company claimed they had been requested information from their payment processor since November 2014, with information only recently having been provided to them. AGN also claimed that, due to legal reasons, they were “unable to further expand” on the [Continue reading…]

Processors keep Argent Global in the dark. Regulators?

Following the suspension of ewallet services to Argent Global Network last week, the company now claims its been left in the dark. Why information wasn’t being communicated to AGN is still a mystery, but here’s what we know at the moment.

ArgentPay (Rapid Pay Global) suspend AGN ewallet services

Just days after Argent Pay Global floated a series of useless poll ideas, news broke today that their payment processor has now suspended the scheme’s ewallet services.

Argent Global Network float lose-lose poll suggestions

Your Ponzi has collapsed and you’re all out of ideas. Nothing you’ve implemented has successfully restarted your scheme and angry investors are fast losing their patience. So what do you do? Well, if you’re Victor Rival from Argent Global you throw it over to your investors to sort out. Unfortunately, while it might buy Rival [Continue reading…]

Argent Global Network suspend ROI payouts (no funds)

Over the past few months Argent Global Network have continued to string what’s left of their affiliate-base along. Restructuring, new business models and compensation plans have all been used to appease those who initially invested in the scheme, and now wonder where their money went. Now, in an email update sent out to affiliates yesterday, [Continue reading…]

Argent Global Network suspend support & withdrawals (again)

Earlier this month we reported on Argent Global Network confirming that regulatory issues were behind the company’s ongoing payment delays. These issues naturally killed promotion momentum and the new funds Argent Global Network relies on to pay off existing investors have all but dried up. In an email sent out over the last twenty-four hours, the company [Continue reading…]

Argent Global confirm regulatory issues behind payout delays

Like most of the schemes forged in the aftermath of TelexFree’s billion dollar Ponzi meltdown, Argent Global’s top priority was establishing itself where they believed they’d be out of reach of US regulators. With Argent Global soliciting $10 to $2400 investments on the promise of weekly returns of up to $160 a week, why owner [Continue reading…]

Argent Global suspend US recruitment, i-Payout withdrawals

Argent Global Network seems to have hit a snag recently, with owner Victor Rival holding a conference call last week to deliver the news. Speaking to the company’s purported 300,000 affiliate investor base, Rival informed them that purportedly Argent Global had hired a “US attorney” to “aid” with the company’s compliance. The reason is that if [Continue reading…]

Argent Global Network Review: $10 – $2400 Ponzi hybrid

There is no information on the Argent Global website indicating who owns or runs the business. The company claims only that Our team of skillful international marketers has 50 years of experience, comprehensive industry knowledge and is abreast with the latest online advertising trends. We have a team of the best international marketers from all four corners [Continue reading…]