argent-global-network-logoYour Ponzi has collapsed and you’re all out of ideas.

Nothing you’ve implemented has successfully restarted your scheme and angry investors are fast losing their patience.

So what do you do?

Well, if you’re Victor Rival from Argent Global you throw it over to your investors to sort out.

Unfortunately, while it might buy Rival and friends some more time, turns out this isn’t the best of ideas.

Turning to Argent Global Network’s leaders (read: desperate investors who still think they’re going to recoup at least their initial investment), AGN management sent out the following email last week:

Dear AGN Members,

May this message find you in great spirits throughout the Easter holiday weekend! We have some information we would like to share with you.

Due to the challenges we’ve been facing lately, we find ourselves at a cross-road in regards to our business and we would love to give you the opportunity to participate in our decision.

We sent out an announcement a week ago, explaining (that) … due to lack of adequate funding at this time, we had to suspend earnings from Profit Credits.

After this announcement was made, some leaders took the initiative to brainstorm suggestions as to what we can do to improve the business and move forward.

So, over the last few days, they have sent us several e-mails with those ideas, which we are deeply thankful for.

In the poll on the link below you’ll find a plan that involves most of these suggestions that they have submitted to us for consideration.

Suggestions, as submitted by AGN investors and with commentary from myself, are as follows:

1. Limit minimum withdrawal to $100.00.

Stop other people from withdrawing so those with more invested (and thus a higher rate of ROI) can withdraw their money quicker.

2. Pay Profit Credits only once a month, while matrix would be paid weekly or in less time.

Doesn’t address the issue of a lack of newly invested funds coming in.

By reducing Ponzi ROIs in favor of the matrix, all they’d be doing is once again favoring those with larger downlines who would receive large matrix commissions.

3. Priorities: Sort out the problem with withdrawals that are still processing; Pay owed money to members; Load the cards that are still 3 – 5 weeks and still no card; Check with Santander Bank about money deposited by members to AGN but still not loaded into AGN depository since last year.

Also, boletos and credit card money that are still not in ArgentPay.

This seems more like a wishlist then an actual attempt to solve the problem of there being a lack of funds to pay out.

I suppose one could argue that by fixing the above it might be easier to attract new suckers into the scheme… but it’s a chicken or egg scenario.

Affiliates aren’t getting paid because there’s no new investment funds flowing in. New investors aren’t being recruited because existing investors aren’t getting paid.

4. For each day that Profit Credits have not been paid to members, one free membership day will be given to these members as compensation.

Right. Reduce the funds flowing into the scheme even more…

AGN have been playing the “recycle affiliate fees to pay off ROIs” game for nearly a year now.

Cutting off those funds isn’t going to make life any easier for the scheme.

5. AGN Profit Credits pay members only 10%, 1 level deep, from direct referrals, in all memberships.

Restricts how much is paid out, but doesn’t address the lack of new investor funds flowing into the scheme.

If anything, making the compensation plan less attractive is only going to further reduce recruitment.

Then again, with recruitment of new investors already stalled, it’s not going to get any slower…

6. Develop a position achievement rewards program, giving prizes such as personalised t-shirts, tablets, notebooks, iPhones, watches or trips.

And where is the money for the prizes going to come from?

7. Have members click and view Google Adsense for 1 minute and a half, which is the time frame for Google to accept as a click paid to bring money and support AGN Profit Credits.

Right. And watch your Adsense account get banned quick smart.

Scamming naive Ponzi investors? Evidently easy enough.

Scamming a multi-billion dollar corporation who are currently the best at what they do? Not so much.

8. Get the Auction feature working on AGN Social or some other way to generate an income stream from the network.

Nobody was ever interested in the auctions to begin with. And nobody uses AGN social except AGN affiliates.

It’s a closed loop, and tinkering with it isn’t going to bring in any new investment.

9. Keep AGN Profit Credits based on actual company profits.

As opposed to paying out monopoly money credits, having people reinvest those credits and then wondering why there’s no money to pay out?

If “company profits” were actual retail profits, this might have worked when Argent Global Network first launched.

Trouble is there’s no company profits. Affiliate investment has been the only source of ROI funds since the get go.

Of course we’ll have to put aside the fact that had AGN based itself on retail profits, then they never would have attracted all the Ponzi investors that flocked to the scheme to begin with.

10. Adopt a traffic exchange program with other websites. A sample value for your consideration: purchase 1000 views for $5.95 and receive $5.00 for viewing 2500 websites.

Who wants to buy advertising on a collapsed Ponzi scheme website? Nobody, that’s who.

Failed advertising credit-based schemes are a dime a dozen.

Suggestion ten above rounds out the list, with none of the suggestions addressing the shortcomings of AGN’s Ponzi scheme business model.

The money invested has already been withdrawn by the top investors, who have all already jumped ship.

Time to realize that and, either file complaints with your local regulators in the hope that something is done, or move on.

The bitter truth of course won’t stop AGN investors from voting anyway. Hoping against hope that their money magically materializes…

Thank you for participating in this crucial moment in AGN.

Please vote either Yes or No in regards to the suggestions below.

We ask you to cast your vote by April 8th, 11:59pm EST, when this poll will be closed.

What kooky ideas are Victor and the gang going to come up with next?

Stay tuned…