argent-global-network-logoYesterday saw Argent Global Network issue a rather strange communication to their affiliates.

In it, the company claimed they had been requested information from their payment processor since November 2014, with information only recently having been provided to them.

AGN also claimed that, due to legal reasons, they were “unable to further expand” on the issues plaguing the company.

Now Cascadia Finance has hit back, seeking to clarify the current situation.

A source within Cascadia Finance responded directly to Argent Global Network’s claims, writing

The ArgentPay website was built and managed by Cascadia, the development branch of Quoius, to allow the use of the Quoius E-wallet and Q-Card by AGN members.

Quoius is a wholly owned, 3rd party processor, which has only a client/contractor relationship with AGN.

Neither Victor Rival, nor any of his business associates have any ownership of Quoius or Cascadia.

Once the unsustainable (and perhaps illegal) nature of AGN business practices were discovered, Quoius suspended AGN as a client and froze the virtual funds fronted to them by Quoius.

Nothing has been withheld from AGN and Victor Rival has known all along what was happening… they were paying out more than they were taking in…

Well, that’s certainly different from the story Argent Global Network are spinning their affiliates.

Why they don’t just fess up and come clean is a mystery.

Quoius is in the middle of sorting out the mess caused by AGN and RapidPay Global (also not a part of Quoius/Cascadia).

Quoius is committed to helping all those affected by this situation, insofar as they can.

As for legal issues… Quoius/Cascadia hasn’t ruled out taking legal action or even heading a class action lawsuit WITH/FOR the AGN clients.

I did press for dollar figures both transferred and deposited into the Argent Global Pay account, but was told only that

the margin in March was so wide it set off all sorts of alarms.

Once backtracked, it became clear that AGN did not have the funding to support their program, or simply weren’t putting the monies into their Q-wallet funding account.

This appears to be the precursor to the warning notice published on the ArgentPay website last week.

As a result of the fallout between AGN, Cascadia and Quoius, the source informed me that

Quoius will not be taking on new MLM company clientele again.

As I understand it the whereabouts and status of invested AGN funds is unknown. Cascadia are claiming nowhere near enough funds were deposited with them to meet AGN’s requested payouts, and AGN are telling their affiliates they’ve “only just found out” about the situation.

Cascadia turning around and suing AGN would certainly be an interesting development, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile what “legal issues” Victor Rival was referring to in his update yesterday remains a mystery. Cascadia at least appear to have no idea what he was talking about.

Stay tuned…