The Central Bank of Russia has issued a pyramid scheme warning against AI Marketing.

As per the Central Bank’s August 16th warning, AI Marketing and associated companies UDM Creators LTD, Wexford Alliance Limited and Zarya LLC, show “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

Wexford Alliance is/was a Hong Kong shell company used to launder INB Network and AI Marketing funds. I’m not familiar with UDM Creators or Zarya.

AI Marketing was a Ponzi scheme run by the MLM company INB Network.

On July 12th INB Network suspended AI Marketing withdrawals, effectively collapsing their Ponzi scheme.

Posting through AI Marketing’s social media channels, at the time INB Network claimed Russian authorities had added the company‚Äôs website to a blacklist.

This would now appear to be a reference to the Central Bank of Russia’s warning.

INB Network and AI Marketing are believed to be run by Russian nationals. Russian residents are also heavily involved, both as INB Network MLM promoters and AI Marketing investors.

Russian authorities cracking down on the Ponzi scheme would certainly explain AI Marketing’s collapse.

Likely hoping to milk gullible investors for a bit longer, earlier this month it was revealed AI Marketing would be rebooted as CashBackPro.

Seeing as INB Network wasn’t mentioned in the Central Bank’s warning, this appears to be an attempt to continue to defraud investors under a new company name.

Alexa website traffic analysis suggests visitors to CashBackPro’s website are primarily from Venezuela, India and Algeria.