INB Network has rebooted its collapsed AI Marketing Ponzi scheme as CashBackPro.

INB Network’s Ponzi scheme collapsed in mid July. Affiliate investors woke up to the news AI Marketing withdrawals had been disabled.

The official explanation for the collapse was regulation by Russian authorities.

CashBackPro’s website domain was privately registered on July 31st, 2021. The hosted website is a less polished clone of AI Marketing’s.

Bar a few lines of code, the source-code for both websites is identical.

There is no mention of INB Network or AI Marketing on CashBackPro’s website. When you click the “sign in | sign up” button on the website however, you are redirected through to INB Network.

From the looks of it CashBackPro is a straight reboot of AI Marketing’s “35% a month ROI” original Ponzi model.

Whether INB Network’s MLM compensation plan has changed is unclear. Ditto whether invested funds are still being laundered through the Hong Kong shell company Wexford Alliance Limited.

Alexa’s traffic analysis reveals gullible investors from Venezeula (46%), India (22%) and Pakistan (17%) are falling for the rebooted scam.

Traffic to INB Network’s website currently originates from Egypt (16%), Algeria (12%) and the Netherlands (9%).

INB Network, AI Marketing and CashBackPro are believed to be run by Russian scammers.


Update 17th August 2021 – The Central Bank of Russia issued a pyramid scheme warning against AI Marketing on August 16th.

This might possibly explain why INB Network scammers pulled the plug on the Ponzi scheme.