Immigration officials in Ghana have arrested 36 scammers, accused of participating in a recruitment sweatshop.

As reported by My Joy Online on October 6th;

Most of the suspects are West African nationals alleged to have arrived in Ghana under the pretext of securing jobs in different companies.

They were later recruited to engage in network marketing.

To make ends meet, the suspects lure other people to fall victim to the alleged scam.

The MLM company the scammers were recruited into themselves isn’t named.

The Ejisu Municipal Commander of Immigration, Alfred Nii Boye Lartey, described their activities as a security threat.

“When I went there with my men, I noticed they had locked themselves in a room and they were all making calls; they were holding forms for prospective victims. They register them and the victims pay via momo account,” he said.

The only breadcrumb provided is the ringleader of the scam is Abdul Azis Nasiru.

I tried to chase down what company he was promoting but, I assume due to language barriers, came up blank.

In any event, while I can’t confirm QNet is the company in question, immigration fraud and recruitment sweatshops in Ghana is pretty much their MO.

I’m not aware of any other MLM companies routinely engaged in immigration and recruitment illegal practices in Ghana.

Nasiru claims the MLM company he’s in “is registered” with official documentation.

Ghana’s Immigration Service however claims the documents are fake.


Update 4th November 2022 – Following a regulatory enforcement action against the company, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.