Ghana’s Immigration Service has threatened to jail QNet scammers entering the country illegally.

GIS stated foreigners caught in Ghana without an immigration permit will be prosecuted and jailed.

As reported by GhanaWeb, Peter Nantuo, GIS’ Volta Regional Commander, stated the warning was

another way to curb cyber fraud (and) QNet, which seems to be taking root in the region by foreigners.

The GIS will never let the region and the country down, especially when drugs, cyberfraud (and) Q-Net are trying to take root in the region.

Based on a bust of 79 people “for engaging in illegal business”, 72 of which were from neighboring Togo, Nantuo stated:

You people will go back right now to Togo.

If you like, come back, and I will prosecute and jail you in Ghana.

When you come, do something better. You cannot come and engage in something we all know is criminal and you think we should turn the other side? It will not work.

If you’re wondering why Ghana doesn’t just declare QNet illegal and shut down the company from within, it’s because QNet enjoys political protection across the country.

In March 2021 Joe Tackie, Chief Director of the Ministry of Business Development, stated it was ‘glad to have QNET in Ghana for the long haul.’

To date Ghanaian authorities have caught and deported well over a hundred QNet scammers who illegally entered the country.

Unless local QNet scammers commit other crimes, such as kidnapping, Ghanaian authorities are unable to pursue them.

Looking to bypass parliament, Ghanaian authorities have petitioned the High Court to dissolve QNet nationally.

That case is still playing out.

QNet, a Malaysian MLM company, turns a blind eye to rampant fraud being committed by its affiliates in Africa.

BehindMLM reviewed QNet in December 2017 and found it to be a blatant pyramid scheme.


Update 4th November 2022 – Following a regulatory enforcement action against the company, QNet has been ordered to get out of Ghana.