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Cash bonus offered to Dubli affiliate recruiters

If you’d noticed a downtrend in activity within an established MLM downline, surely the logical thing would be to focus on pushing growth via the sales of products and services to retail customers? You’ve got the team, you’ve got something to sell – so go out there, market your wares and find people looking to [Continue reading…]

Dubli Review: Recruitment and e-commerce

Dubli operates in the e-commerce MLM niche,¬†with the company claiming to have a corporate headquarters office in Cyprus. An address in the US state of Florida is provided on Dubli’s website, presumably to plant the seed that the company has a US presence. Further research however reveals that this is just virtual office space provided [Continue reading…]

Dubli Unique Bid Auctions: What are the pros and cons?

One of the two types of auctions made available to buyers on Dubli is the Unique Bid auction. In Dubli’s Unique Bid auctions buyers place bids with Dubli credits over a fixed length of time the auction runs for. At the conclusion of the auction the winner is the buyer with the lowest unique bid. [Continue reading…]

Comparing eBay and Dubli: A buyer’s perspective

In my last article on the Dubli Network I had a look at some of the claims and comparisons made by Dubli against online auction heavyweight eBay. For the most part Dubli seem quite confident that their different styles of auction from the traditional eBay model will be more fun and benefit buyers. These two [Continue reading…]

Comparing Dubli to Ebay: Profit on an unproven model?

Being an auction site, one of the most common comparisons Dubli Business Associates make is that between Dubli and eBay. Not surprisingly Dubli itself do this, their business opportunity site states that The conventional online auction model as used by eBay is worth $79 billion (about 62 billion euros) annually. Companies such as AltaVista, eBay, [Continue reading…]

The Dubli Shopping Network – What’s it all about?

Dubli market themselves as a reverse auction shopping portal with a business opportunity attached for prospective Dubli Business Network Associates. Dubli is based in Europe and have a market in Europe, the US and more recently Australia. They also seem to have somewhat of a shady failed past in China. With claims like; “Dubli is [Continue reading…]