dubli-logoIf you’d noticed a downtrend in activity within an established MLM downline, surely the logical thing would be to focus on pushing growth via the sales of products and services to retail customers?

You’ve got the team, you’ve got something to sell – so go out there, market your wares and find people looking to buy what you’re selling.

Not so if you’re a Dubli affiliate.

Straight from the mouthes of some of Dubli’s top-ranked affiliates, today we take a look at an alternative way to combat stagnation.

Hot of the heels from their bust up with WUKAR, Tony Rush, John Lavenia and Alby Koster have recently appeared in a new Dubli marketing video.

In the video, Rush, Lavenia and Koster are identified as “upline VPs”, people ‘who tend to dominate what we do, we’ve been doing this for a very long time‘.

Getting in the way of those plans of domination however, is a downtrend in new affiliate recruitment.

[6:47] The holidays, they’re history. Okay, they came they went … that’s all that needs to be said about the holidays.

But I sense that there is a, in my team at least, that there’s been a, more than the usual um, holiday inactivity.

[7:53] If you are not someone who is making TM and PPA sales on a regular basis, I want to re-enrol you in the vision of what’s possible for your business in the next 30 days.

So what does Team Extreme need more of to reinvigorate their business?

Retail customers? No.

Existing retail customers purchasing more products and services? No.

New products and services to attract a larger retail customer-base? No.

[1:55] As the upline VPs, we all resonate with the idea that the new person is the life-blood of the business.

That the new person is the future of the Extreme Team, is the future of Dubli Network.

[2:39] We want to work with people who are … looking to build their organizations and do that fast. And we wanna supplement that with additional benefits.

The answer is the recruitment of new Dubli affiliates.

For those unfamiliar with Dubli terminology, TM refers to the “Team Member” affiliate position and costs $594. PPA (formerly known as Team Leader Accelerator) stands for Partner Program Accelerator and costs $2475.

So, how does the lack of ongoing new affiliate recruitment tie into Team Extreme’s plans?

[14:20] What if we said from now, 20th of January until … we get to Vegas on the 19th, anyone who gets started, or even if you’re already started and you’re not yet a Team Coordinator, you get to Team Coordinator and we’re gunna give you money.

I want to give away tens of thousands of dollars here.

Here’s the deal, a new Team Coordinator is going to get a bonus of $300.

To qualify as a Team Coordinator, Dubli affiliates must personally recruit and maintain at least three Team Leader ranked affiliates.

And as John Lavenia goes on to explain:

[15:34] I’ve got about two hundred Team Coordinators, sixty or seventy Sales Directors on my team and a couple of Vice-Presidents.

I want more Vice-Presidents. I want more Sales Directors.

But right now this is about the new person. What is the ingredient to make a Sale Director?

Three Team Coordinators.

What is the ingredients to make a Vice-President?

Five Sales Directors.

I got a lot of Sales Directors, I got a ton of Team Coordinators (but) we want people all moving up in rank.

Because, when I got five Vice-Presidents I’m a Senior Vice-President right? Nice house in the Grand Caymans and all this.

So here’s the deal, $300 on the house from each of your upline Vice-Presidents, directly to the new Team Coordinator that’s created.

Evidently some of Dubli’s Vice-Presidents feel that affiliate recruitment has slowed down, and that Dubli’s existing recruitment commissions are perhaps not enough.

Enter Extreme Team’s own recruitment bonus, which they hope will push existing affiliates to recruit and in turn grow Lavenia, Rush and Koster’s own downlines.

[18:20] We just want you to get to your next rank. Okay?

And when you get your brand new person, you get to Team Coordinator – That moves Sales Directors up, which moves Vice-Presidents up, which moves people up to Senior VP.

Revealingly, at no point in Extreme Team’s thirty-minute video are sales of products and services to retail customers mentioned.

When I reviewed Dubli’s latest incarnation last year, I identified the lack of retail focus and strong emphasis on affiliate recruitment.

Since then apparently the compensation plan has slightly changed, reducing the direct payouts on affiliate recruitment. This, far more than the holiday season, is likely responsible for the recruitment slump Tony Rush touches on at the start of the video.

So now you have top Dubli affiliates trying to recapture the initial recruitment frenzy from mid-2014 by paying recruitment commissions out of their own hip-pockets.

Whether or not Dubli corporate has approved Team Extreme’s latest marketing strategy is unclear. With the recruitment commissions Dubli itself offers however, it would seem unlikely they’d object.

Dubli markets itself as an e-commerce platform, but clearly the backbone of the MLM side of the opportunity is just affiliate recruitment. Sign up, pay your hundreds or thousands of dollars to participate and then set about recruiting others who do the same.

One side-effect of Team Extreme’s recruitment bonus offering is the question of ethical marketing. In offering “off the books” bonuses to recruit new affiliates, are said bonuses going to be disclosed?

Dubli themselves are notoriously camera-shy as far as public disclosure of their own compensation plan goes. Now with Team Extreme offering their own bonuses, can a prospective Dubli affiliate hope to be made aware of potential motivating factors of their upline?

Specifically how much they are directly paid should the prospective affiliate sign up?

I doubt it.

Reflective of where Team Extreme might have got the idea to offer “off the books” bonuses to their members, was the recent claim that Dubli corporate paid a “top leader” $1 million dollars to sign up.

Who the top leader was has not been publicly disclosed. But if you’ve got Dubli corporate running around making secret deals with affiliates, it’s easy to see where Team Extreme might have gotten their recruitment bonus idea from.

An MLM company’s culture flows from the top of the company. And with Dubli themselves directly compensating affiliates to recruit new affiliates, is it really all that surprising to see their affiliates offering their own recruitment bonuses?

Unfortunately on the regulatory front, retail sales of products and services to customers in Dubli remain MIA.