dubli-logoOne of the loudest players in the Dubli recruitment hype that took off last year was Matt Trainer’s team WUKAR.

Through partnership with Tony Rush’s Home Business Labs, WUKAR were responsible for recruiting hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates into Dubli.

As the months dragged on however, it clearly became evident that all was not what it seemed.

Now as Dubli itself is trying to emerge from a battered reputation, WUKAR’s Matt Trainer spills the beans on exactly why things didn’t work out.

matt-trainer-dubli-is-full-of-lies-wukar-announcement-july-2015In the July 26th WUKAR update, Trainer (right) launches into an expletive-ridden tirade against Dubli, his former business partners and disgruntled affiliates who signed up and later turned on WUKAR after it failed to deliver.

[2:00] Guys, we have been majorly, majorly, majorly weak up until now.

Because of the way that everything went down with Dubli and Home Business Labs and all these assholes out there that don’t understand what we’re trying to do.

Trainer’s criticism of Dubli is probably the most eye-opening, with the business itself referred to as a “failure” constructed on a foundation of lies:

[8:11] The Jobs Board system and the automated systems and all the money we are pumping into this thing, it heavily relied on a couple of things.

One – Dubli stuff had to convert.

And that required Dubli to honor their word and provide us the thing that they promised us, that they swore they were going to give us from the date we signed up to be a rep with Dubli.

It just never happened. They lied to us.

Their shit didn’t convert like they said it does.

The numbers that they gave us, this 80% of free customers convert up to VIP customers – bullshit.

It was a lie.

We even found out a bunch of lies that several other top leaders told about how they have lots in Grand Cayman, they have shares in the company, all this shit – all lies.

And the average amount of cashback that customers got and the percentage that we would get as a representative in Dubli, all lies guys.

Former business partners are also thrown under the bus, with Trainer claiming they are only for people who “want to play games”.

[13:06] Warriors don’t play around. I’m not playing games anymore.

I’m gunna be a leader. I’ll lead you guys to where we wanna get but this isn’t kid’s games anymore.

If you wanna play kid’s games go join HBL (Home Business Labs), play their bullshit game.

Go join X-Factor, play their bullshit game with whatever the fuck they’re doing now.

Trainer’s most viscerally dismissive comments however, are directed at those who might feel they lost money in Dubli.

Claiming to have recently learned “how to be a man”, Trainer’s message to disillusioned WUKAR members couldn’t be clearer:

[5:10] If you don’t like what I’m saying, don’t like the way that I do things, don’t like my confidence, you don’t like my cursing…

Fuck you. Go somewhere else, I don’t care.

[3:27] There’s others of you watching this video right now who haven’t made a fucking dime, and (are) bitching at us in our Facebook groups because you haven’t made any money.

[3:46] And we’ve been kissing your ass, trying to make you happy.

We’re not fucking doing that anymore.

[12:15] I’m not fucking take shit from anybody anymore.

I’ve put my heart, my literal blood, from a couple of little things that we’ve had happen, literal blood sweat and massive amounts of tears into this thing to make WUKAR the biggest, baddest thing that’s ever come around.

And I’ll be damned if you guys are going to crucify me.

I fucking tell you, bring it motherfuckers. Cuz I’m ready to fight.

If you guys don’t like my message or how I’m delivering it, get lost. I don’t give a shit.

[15:11] I got every piece of evidence that you can imagine and even more than you can imagine.

Number one with testimonials, of hundreds of people making a lot of money using WUKAR training – that has nothing to do with Dubli or any MLM shit.

Left unclear is whether Trainer thinks all MLM is “shit”, or just Dubli’s particular offering of it.

[15:35] You guys looking at me right now, think your gunna bring a class-action lawsuit against me?

I say “fucking bring it”.

I’ve got attorneys backing me. We’ve gone through everything. They’ve all seen everything we’ve got.

You guys got nothing on me.

[15:56] I can document every single fucking dime that I’ve put into this.

And I have evidence of all the training we’ve had, everything that we’ve done for this team.

Weekly calls, daily calls, all the training.

Bending over backwards for everybody, Facebook group, sucking everybody’s ass and making everybody happy.

It stops now.

You guys got an issue with me? Fucking bring it.

Closing out the call, Trainer announces that “Team WUKAR” is changing its name to WUKAR.

[13:57] We’re taking on the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook… all kinds of people. This thing’s going worldwide.

[16:51] We have woken up. And we have woken up our minds, we have woken up our spirits, we’ve woken up our commitments to you guys, we’ve woken up the warriors inside of us.

We’re waking up to making this thing a bad motherfucker.

We’re gunna start kicking ass instead of kissing ass.

[17:42] I hope you guys are still with me but guess what, if you’re not I don’t give a shit.

I’m gunna keep on going, I’m gunna keep on pushing, I’m gunna keep waking up, waking up more people, I’m gunna keep kicking ass, I’m gunna keep repeating that… until we get to where we wanna get.

And I don’t care if every single person on our team leaves. I don’t.

You can all leave. Go play your bullshit kid’s games somewhere else.

matt-trainer-fistfight-affiliates-dubli-wukarWith the name-change, Trainer declares “goals” to be a “pussy-term” and reveals WUKAR’s new “target” instead is to “create one thousand millionaires”.

[18:54] We’re not kissing ass anymore. Including yours, whoever you are watching this.

So, get your gripes and moans and complaints out now because any more negativity slammed against my team or against me is going to be dealt with.

We’re bringing a fucking fist to people that wanna fight.

You wanna fight, let’s fucking fight. I got it man and you guys won’t beat me.

Cuz get what, I don’t care if I lose.

In the past, public criticism of Dubli has been met with the lingering threat of litigation.

Whether or not Dubli publicly respond to Matt Trainer’s claim their opportunity is built on lies, remains to be seen.