Being an auction site, one of the most common comparisons Dubli Business Associates make is that between Dubli and eBay. Not surprisingly Dubli itself do this, their business opportunity site states that

The conventional online auction model as used by eBay is worth $79 billion (about 62 billion euros) annually.

Companies such as AltaVista, eBay, Google, Amazon and Yahoo are now household names with their market value in excess of $50 billion (about 38 billion euros). There is no reason why won’t be on that list in the very near future.

eBay revenue in 2008 alone was $2.07 billion (about 1.5 billion euros), showing just how lucrative the online business has become over the course of the last decade.

Seemingly, Dubli are attempting to enter the market on the back of a proven auction business model.

Interestingly enough, while content to rest on the laurels of eBay’s financial success, Dubli then goes out of it’s way to differentiate it from the traditional auction model used by eBay.

Standing at the vanguard of the online shopping revolution, poised to change the rules of the online shopping game, is represents a new auction model, where prices decrease with each bid! Such ingenious ideas, combined with an ambitious global reach, suggest that you might want to take a serious look at

It’s almost as if Dubli are saying ‘ok look at how popular eBay is. We run completely different auction models but there’s no reason we won’t be as popular as them! Hey look over there, profit!’

As for Altavista, Google and Yahoo, well they are search portals… what exactly does their individual success have to do with Dubli’s potential? Amazon sell books via affiliates and direct sales, again nothing to do with auctions.

Can you imagine a new car company entering the auto market and stating that because a competitor sold cars and were succesful there was no reason the new company wouldn’t?

Why is it ok to make outrageous claims like in the MLM industry?

Entering a marketplace on the comparison of another larger more established and successful company is nothing new but cmon, at least make sure the comparison is based on remotely similar products or business models.