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Wakaya Perfection lawsuit dismissed, appeal filed

Wakaya Perfection’s lawsuit against Youngevity was filed in an attempt to  address Youngevity’s breaches of contract, as well as the individual defendants’ independently tortious behavior. Blake Graham (through Total Nutrition INC.), Andre Vaugh, Dave Pitcock and Barb Pitcock, all Wakaya Perfection affiliates, claimed without justification, Youngevity terminated (their) distributorships. As a result, businesses have been damaged and [Continue reading…]

Former OneCoin executive claims CEO misled him

Ed Ludbrook joined OneCoin as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Chief Leadership Officer and Asia Ambassador in November, 2015. At the time Ludbrook described OneCoin as ‘a multi-trillion dollar opportunity that any fool will recognise once educated with the facts‘.

GTI-Net Ponzi pyramid warning issued in Belgium

 GTI-Net launched in late 2015/early 2016 and had all but collapsed. In June 2017 however the company was brought back from life support by a flurry of activity in Belgium. Alexa today estimate that Belgium is the largest source of traffic to the GTI-Net website (73%). This has caught the attention of Belgium’s Financial Services [Continue reading…]

Crypto 888 Club collapses for fourth time, reboots as Nano Crowd

Since BehindMLM published an article covering Nano Club’s launch just over a year ago, investors have been desperate to convince us that the third reboot of Crypto 888 Club would succeed. To date the article has garnered over 750 comments, mostly back and forth between the “this time…” and “history will repeat itself…” crowds. Turns [Continue reading…]

TelexFree net-winner class objects to claim resolution procedures

Having followed the Zeek Rewards case, it’s my understanding that net-winner and victim claim procedures are pretty straight forward. Both parties file claims and what’s provable on paper is accepted. The rest of the claims are tossed out and funds are then clawed back from net-winners and returned to victims. Fearful of being held accountable [Continue reading…]

Scoville addresses SEC, mixes religion with Ponzi scamming

I don’t profess to have familiarity with every religion on Earth. But as I understand it, with the exception of perhaps a few outliers, not stealing from people is a general rule accepted in most religions. This makes Charles Scoville’s latest religious themed rants on Facebook all the more bizarre. Put simply: How you going [Continue reading…]

David Wood acknowledges Empower Network was “fake and bullshit”

Before buying a $2 script and accepting gifting payments through bitcoin became the norm, the MLM underbelly came up with elaborate marketing funnels to justify gifting schemes. One such scheme was David Wood’s Empower Network, which began as a blog SEO service. Way back in the day Empower Network affiliates paid each other $25 a [Continue reading…]

$43.7 million recovered through Zeek Rewards clawbacks

On November 15th the Zeek Rewards Receiver filed his Status Report for the third quarter of 2017. In it the Receiver revealed that to date, $43.7 million has been recovered through clawbacks from Zeek Rewards affiliates, vendors and insiders. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the updates featured in the report:

Muhammad Zafar’s OneCoin YouTube channel terminated for violations

As what’s left of OneCoin management either quit or quietly disappear, top investors in the scheme have become a vital source of information for disillusioned affiliates. Eager for any news regarding their investments in limbo, “leaders” like Muhammad Zafar are vital in creating the illusion of stablity. Unfortunately for Zafar one of his primary outlets [Continue reading…]

Gain Bitcoin collapses, reboot immediately announced

Gain Bitcoin launched their MCAP MLM opportunity earlier this year. As per BehindMLM’s Gain Bitcoin review, the company operates as your typical MLM pump and dump altcoin Ponzi scam. Gain Bitcoin affiliates invest bitcoin and receive a monthly 10% ROI. To avoid haemoraghing investor funds, Gain Bitcoin pay ROIs in MCAP. MCAP is a worthless [Continue reading…]