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DHL threaten to terminate agents who accept OneCoin

If OneCoin affiliates are to be believed, global freight giant DHL are now accepting OneCoin. In a March 25th post to Linked In, OneCoin affiliate Norbert Friedrich announced; DHL accepts OneCoin As the “phoenix from the ashes” rises, the secret giant under the cryptocurrencies rises to a new glow. The world’s largest package provider DHL now accepts OneCoin [Continue reading…]

BaFin clarify, OneCoin must cease and desist operations in Germany

In response to the German regulatory crackdown on OneCoin’s shell company IMS International Marketing Services, OneCoin issued a press-release claiming BaFin’s cease and desist did not specifically apply to OneCoin. Please be informed that the recently published BaFin message does not relate to OneLife or OneCoin’s Business, but to IMS GmBh. The company IMS is a [Continue reading…]

Malta issues OneCoin regulatory warning

Whereas some countries are taking a more proactive approach against OneCoin, others still grapple with a lack of regulatory authorization. The latest country to fall into the latter category is Malta, following a OneCoin warning issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Norwegian Gaming Board mulls going after OneCoin affiliates

When a regulator tells OneCoin or one of its shell companies to stop operating in a country, OneCoin’s standard response is “but OneCoin doesn’t operate in that country!”. Technically OneCoin operates out of Bulgaria, through a shell Dubai incorporation. OneCoin was incorporated in Gibraltar but was kicked out late last year. In an effort to combat the [Continue reading…]

My 24 Hour Income collapses for good, Burton promoting new scam

Last we checked in My 24 Hour Income was up to its fourth collapse. That was just over a month ago, with Burton finally deciding to pull the plug entirely last week.

Canadian securities regulator issues Pay Diamond Ponzi warning

Following reports of local recruitment activity, on April 12th Canada’s Manitoba Securities Commission issued a Ponzi warning for Pay Diamond.

Rick Maike criminally charged with mail fraud and structuring

On April 12th the DOJ filed a criminal complaint against Richard Maike. From on or about and between February 6, 2013, and continuing to on or about October 31, 2014, Maike induced individuals to participate in a pyramid and Ponzi scheme known as the I2G Infinite Opportunity plan. In the criminal complaint, the DOJ accuse [Continue reading…]

DOJ intervene in G1E defamation lawsuit, case dismissed

In early January Chuck King published a YouTube video in which he claimed the FBI was investigating Rick Maike and Global1Entertainment. Global1Entertainment was the successor to the collapsed Infinity2Global Ponzi scheme. Both companies were owned and operated by Maike. Chuck King had invested in Infinity2Global and wasn’t too happy about losing his money in the [Continue reading…]

Charles Scoville files Traffic Monsoon Ponzi decision appeal

Seems kind of pointless claiming a company that solicited $50 investments on the promise of a $55 ROI wasn’t an investment scheme, but if the alternative is admitting you conned thousands of people out of millions of dollars – here we are. On April 14th Charles Scoville filed an interlocutory appeal against the recent granting of [Continue reading…]

25,000 OneCoin victims in Germany, investor losses over $424 million

The fallout from BaFin’s freezing of OneCoin’s bank accounts in Germany continues, with more and more victims coming forward to report their losses. BaFin investigators have labeled OneCoin “one of the most dangerous money games of recent years”. The latest figures released by investigators on Thursday, April 13th revealed “at least” 25,000 investors Germany have [Continue reading…]