Money Maker Group and Talk Gold are two of the oldest and largest MLM underbelly promotion platforms on the internet.

Both websites are updated regularly with new MLM Ponzi and pyramid scheme launches.

Without explanation, in the last twenty-four hours both websites were pulled offline within minutes of each other.

To the best of my knowledge Money Maker Group and Talk Gold aren’t run by the same admin(s).

WHOIS records show DNS changes to the Money Maker Group and Talk Gold a few hours ago.

Both domains are currently registered through DynaDot, with the last updates made on August 21st within less than two minutes of each other.

  • Money Maker Group was changed at 21:27:10 UTC
  • Talk Gold was changed at 21:26:01 UTC

As I write this it’s currently 3:20 UTC, August 22nd.

Both domain registration updates don’t appear to be a server migration, as the DNS records aren’t pointed at a host machine.

I’m not sure if this is just a massive coincidence or whether something more substantial has taken place. Anyone out there know anything?

As of yet I’m not aware of any enforcement action but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.


Update 3rd October 2017 – The day before MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold were pulled offline, the DOJ filed a forfeiture complaint against Edward and Brian Krassenstein.

The Krassenstein brothers own both forums and in the DOJ’s complaint are accused of multiple counts of wire fraud.