HyperFund is the subject of a Ponzi scam advisory issued by the Bermuda Police Department.

In their November 4th advisory, Bermuda Police identify HyperFund as

a company which appears legitimate, invites you to invest with them, whilst offering large returns on your investment.

Hyperfund operates on a multi-level marketing model, similar to that of a Ponzi scheme.

Several persons have fallen victim to the scheme, with one Bermudian investing upwards of BDA $10,000.

Additional advice from the Specialist Investigations Department recommends potential investors

-Try to understand how the company is making such high profits.

-Be wary of companies that ask you to recruit other members.

-Be suspicious. If it sounds too good to be true, it more often than not, usually is.

BehindMLM maintains the only verifiable source of revenue entering HyperFund is new investment.

We laid out the company’s fraudulent business model in our published HyperFund review.

Bermuda Police request anyone in Bermuda who has invested in HyperFund, or been approached to invest, contact the Financial Crime Unit.


Footnote: I’ve linked to the Bermuda Police’s Facebook post on the advisory as their website is currently down.