herbalife-logoAn end to the Herbalife investigation to the FTC might finally be in sight, following a report that a settlement might be announced tomorrow.

Citing an unnamed source “close to the matter”, the New York Post are reporting

an announcement of a deal could come as soon as Wednesday, although the agreement is not final and could still fall apart.

“I do not believe the FTC is requiring a substantial change in the business model,” a source close to the matter said.

Herbalife has, though, agreed to pay a hefty fine, the source said.

Details of the settlement “could not be learned”.

Purportedly the FTC are announcing a law enforcement matter this Wednesday, and while

the exact topic of the matter isn’t disclosed, sources believe it relates to the Herbalife probe.

In what is easily the longest running saga I’ve covered here at BehindMLM, a resolution to the FTC’s investigation would obviously be welcome.

The way I see it, any fine is an admission of guilt on Herbalife’s behalf, with ordered changes to their business model aimed at curbing ongoing violations.

If we look at what the FTC objected to in the Vemma case, hopefully Herbalife will finally have to make an honest effort to generate genuine retail sales.

Stay tuned…

Update 26th May 2016 – CNBC’s Scott Wapner, host of The Halftime Report, claims an unnamed source told him:

No $HLF decision expected this week. Discussions said to be ongoing. Several issues still on the table.

Cue Neverending Story theme song…