futurenet-logoIf you bought a can of coke and consumed it, you wouldn’t be surprised if a request for a refund was flatly denied.

In FutureNet things are a little bit different. Affiliates are spending thousands of dollars on what the company refers to as “media points”, only to be told the “internal currency” cannot be refunded.

Recently a FutureNet affiliate decided to join the company buy purchasing a Royal position. A Royal position costs $1851 and provides a FutureNet affiliate with a position in each of their six matrix cycler tiers.

Earlier this year Adrian Hibbert, a FutureNet affiliate, claimed that affiliates who purchased a Royal position before the end of March could “turn $1685 into $3870 GUARANTEED!!!”


Rather than bill the affiliate directly for $1851 (the cost seems to have gone up since March), FutureNet processed the payment in $500 increments.

This raised suspicion, prompting the affiliate to claim a refund “within literally minutes”.

Months after the refund request was made, to date it remains unresolved.

As to the odd $500 segmented payments, the affiliate was told

it was the only way I could do it (something about Polish laws) and it was the only way for me to avoid extra fees as well (all of this according to a top guy in the company who sponsored me).

Whether FutureNet are segmenting payments intentionally at $500 to avoid triggering money laundering filters is unclear.

The reason FutureNet continue to deny the affiliate’s refund request is the insistence the affiliate has received the products they paid for.

Here’s the problem though: The only “product” the affiliate has received to date are media points.

As per a FutureNet customer support rep, media points are


some sort of our internal currency. It can be exchanged for most of the products we have.

As at the time of publication, the affiliate has yet to spend one media point on any FutureNet product or service.

The account has basically been left untouched since $1851 was initially paid when they signed up.

Going by FutureNet’s customer support, it appears the company is trying to pass off its media points as an actual product or service.

Worse still the affiliate claims that prior to signing up, they were not advised either by their upline or FutureNet that they’d be infact purchasing non-refundable media points.

As per the FutureNet Terms and Conditions:

Possible cancellation of the use of products and services does not entail the refund of the paid fee.

In exchange for the fee paid the User obtains Media Points serving as settlement units, and a number of other additional products and services depending on the type of Premium account.

$1851 of real money has been converted into an “internal currency”, with no actual products or services having been purchased and/or provided. Yet FutureNet have thus far refused to issue a refund.

If FutureNet being little more than a six-tier matrix cycler with no retail wasn’t enough to turn you off, be aware that if you buy in – even if you don’t receive a product or service – you’re not getting your money back anytime soon.

After months of being unable to get a refund from FutureNet, the affiliate claims they are “a bunch of crooks with no integrity”.

Buyer beware.