xtreme-pro-system-logoThere is no information on the Xtreme Pro System website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The XtremeProSystem website domain (“xtremeprosystem.com”) was registered on the 26th of November 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Linked off the XtremeProSystem website footer are several social media profiles for the company. If one visits the official XtremeProSystem Facebook profile, several links appear with the affiliate referral code “ganoza02”:


If one clicks one of these links and then attempts to sign up as an Xtreme Pro System affiliate, the name of the affiliate is provided:


Note that the “02” in the affiliate link provided on the Facebook profile suggests Ganoza may have multiple accounts within the opportunity.

Promotional efforts from Xtreme Pro System affiliates confirm Ganoza is the owner of the company, placing him in the US state of New Jersey:


Why this information is not publicly provided on the Xtreme Pro System website is a mystery.

johnny-ganoza-admin-xtreme-pro-systemIn a video published on his YouTube channel in 2012, Ganoza (right) claims to have been involved in network marketing since 2004.

In the same video, Ganoza describes what he believes MLM is about:

That’s kind of the way MLM works, if you know what I mean.

You know, you build your downline and your downline builds another downline and your downline gets their downline. Those downlines build there downlines and y’know it expands and you’re at the very top. And basically you really don’t have to do much but at least continue communication with your downline.

Later in the video Ganoza holds up a check stub for “Freeway to Success”, an opportunity that pays affiliates 25 cents to $14 per affiliate recruited.

In January 2013 Ganoza launched “Xtreme Power System”, a matrix-based opportunity that paid affiliates to recruit new affiliates into the company.

A month later Ganoza had moved onto “The Reverse Matrix”, yet another recruitment-driven matrix opportunity.

By April Ganoza had ditched The Reverse Matrix and launched “Xtreme Social Network”. In May Ganoza then joined “Reverse Cycler”, continuing his attraction to matrix-based recruitment schemes.

June saw Ganoza dump Reverse Cycler for AdHitProfits, a Ponzi scheme that offered 125% ROIs on $45 investments.

After AdHitProfits, Ganoza appears to have gone quiet on the MLM front till he began recently promoting Tsu (an MLM social network).

Of note is that the Ganoza appears to have floated the idea behind Xtreme Pro System last year as “Xtreme Pro Matrix”. The domain was registered in December 2013 however only Ganoza himself appears to have joined the company (created position(s) for himself).

If I’m not mistaken, under the name Xtreme Pro System, Ganoza has now decided to launch whatever he had planned with Xtreme Pro Matrix (entry cost for both companies is the same).

Read on for a full review of the Xtreme Pro System MLM business opportunity.

The Xtreme Pro System Product Line

Xtreme Pro System has no retailable products or services with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself ($45).

Bundled with Xtreme Pro System affiliate membership is access to a “blogging system”, “downline builder”, “PLR videos” and advertising credits.

The Xtreme Pro System Compensation Plan

The Xtreme Pro System revolves around affiliates purchasing $45 cycler positions. These positions are placed in a straight line queue, with funds from the position purchase used to pay a commission to positions at or near the top of the queue.

When a position in the queue accumulates $300, the position “cycles” out of the queue. At this point an affiliate must purchase additional queue position in order to continue to participate in the income opportunity.

A $5 referral commission is paid when personally recruited affiliate purchases a cycler position.

Joining Xtreme Pro System

Affiliates can sign up with Xtreme Pro System for free, however a $45 cycler position is required in order to withdraw commissions.

As such the defacto minimum cost of Xtreme Pro System affiliate membership is $45. Addition cycler position purchases will add to this cost over time.


Are there any affiliate commissions?

A: Yes, for every position you purchase with our system, you have the potential to earn $300 when certain amount of positions are sold.

Mirroring the matrix cycler scams Ganoza has been in over the years, Xtreme Pro System functions as a $45 Ponzi investment scheme.


Affiliates buy in for $45, and once enough new positions (investments) have been purchase (made), the scheme pays out a $300 ROI.

There is no retail activity taking place within the opportunity, with all revenue generated by affiliate investment in positions. Subsequently the ROIs paid out are also 100% made up of previously invested affiliate funds, a tell-tale characteristic of a Ponzi scheme.

In an effort at pseudo-compliance, Xtreme Pro System refer to their cycler positions as “blog positions”. This facade makes no sense however upon consideration that an Xtreme Pro System affiliate is likely to purchase multiple positions in the cycler over time.

There is no justifiable reason for an affiliate to require tens or even hundreds or thousands of copies of access to Xtreme Pro System’s blogging platform, with the pseudo-compliance attempt then quickly debunked.

All you’re left with then is a $45 a pop Ponzi scheme.


As will all Ponzi scheme’s once new affiliate investment dries up Xtreme Pro System will have no funds to pay out existing investors with.

When this happens, the cycler queue stalls and anyone with money trapped in the system loses out.

Johnny Ganoza isn’t likely to concerned about the inevitable collapse however, with the purpose behind Xtreme Pro System being to build his personal downline in another opportunity.

Taken from the Xtreme Pro System website,

Our website also helps you build a network to our primary companies which you can find out more information when you log in to the back office.

As per the above copy, the opportunity or opportunities Ganoza is funneling those that join Xtreme Pro System into are not disclosed to the general public.

Google search history however suggests that one of the companies might be Wake Up Now, which is commonly abbreviated as “WUN”:


“PL” could stand for Pure Leverage but I’m not 100% certain.

A week ago Ganoza was also pimping out 4 Corners Alliance Group on his new YouTube channel, “Solid Income Network”, so that’s a possibility too.

The text from the above search result no longer appears on the Xtreme System Pro website, having been removed sometime in October.


A Google cache entry from mid-October reveals Ganoza initially launched Xtreme System Pro as a $85 matrix cycler, offering a 2×1 and 2×2 matrix for affiliates to cycle through and eventually earn $330.


That obviously didn’t work out and so within a month Ganoza relaunched Xtreme System Pro as a $45 Ponzi scheme.

How long it lasts this time before the inevitable collapse remains to be seen.


Update 26th February 2015 – Three months after launching Xtreme Pro System and Ganoza is pulling the plug.

In a recently conference call, Ganoza told affiliates Xtreme Pro System is abandoning their matrix cycler Ponzi business model.