There is no information on the AdHitProfits website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The company’s website domain (“”) was registered on the 18th of March 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

Several AdHitProfits affiliates are naming a Charles Scoville as the owner of AdHitProfits.

On his Facebook profile Scoville describes himself as an “entrepreneur” and “home business owner”, with several comments left on the page confirming his ownership of AdHitProfits:


A Google search reveals a long history of Scoville launching low-level investment opportunities, pay to click and pay to advertise sites. Scoville is/was also an affiliate in the well-known pyramid scheme, Tvi Express, under the account “tvivacation_ws”.

AdHitProfits appears to be but the latest installment of Scoville’s numerous income schemes.

Read on for a full review of the AdHitProfits MLM business opportunity.

The AdHitProfits Product Line

AdHitProfits has no retailable products or services. Instead, affiliates sign up to the website and then purchase “shares” in the compensation plan.

Bundled with each share is a directory listing, with the directory full of referral links for several questionable income opportunities.

“1000 visitors” are also promised with each share purchase (via the directory listing), with affiliates being required to click 10 listings in the directory daily to qualify for commissions.

Affiliates are also able to purchase banner advertising for display on the AdHitProfits website itself, however this advertising is not attached to the AdHitProfits compensation plan (non-affiliates cannot purchase it though, so it’s still a non-retail revenue source).

The AdHitProfits Compensation Plan

Affiliates purchase $45 shares in AdHitProfits and in turn receive a 125% ROI. No timeframe is given for the ROI to be paid out.

Affiliates who recruit other affiliates also receive a 10% referral commission on any money invested by the recruited affiliate.

Joining AdHitProfits

Affiliate membership to AdHitProfits is free, however affiliates must invest in company shares if they wish to earn any commissions.


Taken from the AdHitProfits FAQ:

Is this MLM, Matrix, HYIP, Autosurfing, Investment site, Ponzi or any of those fly by night deals?

No way! That’s exactly why we are splitting the profits with members and DON’T pay members with OTHER members cash!

AD HIT PROFITS is a up and up business with great advertising services and is in NO way an investment site.

AdHitProfits don’t pay members with other member’s cash? Phew, thank goodness for that. I was about to call it as a straight up Ponzi scheme.

Oh wait…

Can we get a refund if we want?

NO REFUNDS! We share the revenue from your purchase with all members.

The moment the payment enters our system, it is no longer ‘your’ money, and it certainly isn’t ‘our’ money. It belongs to 100% ALL members because we shared those funds with EVERYBODY!

Given that affiliates make all the share “purchases” in AdHitProfit, AdHitProfits do seem a bit confused about what they are.

Allow me to clarify: If you take payment from an affiliate, guarantee a ROI (implied or otherwise) and pay it out using new investor money, you’re a Ponzi scheme.

And before anyone tries to pull any “but affiliates are buying advertising” garbage, here’s more from the AdHitProfits FAQ:

This is great can I get more than 1 share?

YES! You can purchase unlimited shares.

Whilst the evidence that AdHitProfit is a Ponzi scheme is overwhelmingly conclusive, it is noted that AdHitProfits owner Charles Scoville is a “professional magician”:


I haven’t entirely ruled out the possibility that Scoville has worked out how to conjure up money out of thin air, however unless evidence to the contrary surfaces I’m going to stick with good ol’ fashioned Ponzi scheme.

You know how these things go folks, once new investors stop pumping money into the scheme everyone’s ROI comes crashing down and the scheme collapses.