qm-matrix-logoThere is no information on the QM Matrix website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The QM Matrix website domain (“qmmatrix.com”) was registered on the 31st of May 2016. Ivan Tezak of “Cosmos-Star D.O.O.” is listed as the owner.

ivan-tezak-qm-matrix-adminCosmos-Star D.O.O. are located in Croatia, with the company’s website describing it as a supplier of goods to schools, sports facilities, hotels and restaurants.

In a Facebook group titled “Quatermillion – Balkan”, Tizak (right) is cited as QM Matrix’s admin. Tezak’s role in Cosmos-Star D.O.O. however is unclear.

Tizak appears to have gotten involved in MLM in 2014 as an investor in the GetEasy Ponzi scheme.

ivan-tezak-geteasy-investor-2014In 2015 Tizak was promoting Dubli, with marketing for several MLM underbelly HYIP scams appearing on his Facebook timeline thereafter.

Read on for a full review of the QM Matrix MLM opportunity.

The QM Matrix Product Line

QM Matrix has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market QM Matrix affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with QM Matrix is a matrix position, which allows an affiliate to participate in the attached MLM opportunity.

Affiliates acquire subsequent matrix positions as new QM Matrix affiliates are recruited.

Bundled with each matrix position (purchased or cycled into) are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the QM Matrix website.

The QM Matrix Compensation Plan

The QM Matrix compensation plan sees affiliates gift between 18 to 9000 EUR across eighteen matrix cycler tiers.

Payments are giften between QM Matrix affiliates, with said payment qualifying an affiliate to receive payments from subsequently recruited affiliates.

QM Matrix uses a 2×3 matrix compensation structure to track gifting payments between affiliates.

A 2×3 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:


These initial two positions form the first level of the matrix, with the second level generated by splitting each of the two first level positions into another two positions each (4 positions).

The third level of the matrix is generated by splitting the four level 2 positions again, resulting in 8 positions. In total, a complete 2×3 matrix houses fourteen positions.

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of QM Matrix affiliates, with the affiliate at the top of the matrix paid as each level of the matrix is filled.

Once all three levels of the matrix are full, the affiliate’s position cycles into the next matrix tier as follows:

  • Matrix 1, level 1 (position purchase for €18 EUR) – pays €4 EUR and opens up Matrix 1, level 2
  • Matrix 1, level 2 – pays €86 EUR and opens up Matrix 1, level 3
  • Matrix 1, level 3  – pays €256 EUR and opens up Matrix 2, level 1
  • Matrix 2, level 1 – pays €19 EUR and opens up Matrix 2, level 2
  • Matrix 2, level 2 – pays €342 EUR and opens up Matrix 2, level 3
  • Matrix 2, level 3 – pays €1476 EUR and opens up Matrix 3, level 1
  • Matrix 3, level 1 – pays €600 EUR and opens up Matrix 3, level 2
  • Matrix 3, level 2 (requires additional €250 EUR payment) – pays €2400 EUR and opens up Matrix 3, level 3
  • Matrix 3, level 3 – pays €6700 EUR and opens up Matrix 4, level 1
  • Matrix 4, level 1 – pays €300 EUR and opens up Matrix 4, level 2
  • Matrix 4, level 2 – pays €6300 EUR and opens up Matrix 4, level 3
  • Matrix 4, level 3 – pays €20,000 EUR and opens up Matrix 5, level 1
  • Matrix 5, level 1 – pays €800 EUR and opens up Matrix 5, level 2
  • Matrix 5, level 2 – pays €16,000 EUR and opens up Matrix 5, level 3
  • Matrix 5, level 3 – pays €44,100 EUR and opens up Matrix 6, level 1
  • Matrix 6, level 1 – pays €5750 EUR and opens up Matrix 6, level 2
  • Matrix 6, level 2 – pays €24,800 and opens up Matrix 6, level 3
  • Matrix 6, level 3 – pays €72,000 EUR

Joining QM Matrix

Affiliate membership with QM Matrix is tied to an €18 EUR gifting payment to affiliate who recruited you.


QM Matrix appears to be the sum total of everything Ivan Tezak has learnt during his time in the MLM industry.

QM Matrix is a straight-forward six-tier matrix gifting scheme, with affiliates paying affiliates and nothing marketed or sold to retail customers.


Raw numbers wise, QM Matrix affiliates gift a total of €48,935 EUR and receive €250,000 EUR.

Net that’s €201,065 EUR, requiring a staggering 11,171 €18 EUR payments for just one person to be paid in full.

Needless to say the only person likely to get anywhere near that is Ivan Tezak himself, who will have preloaded the top of the QM Matrix cycler with one or more positions.

Everybody else helps Tezak recoup losses in his previous MLM ventures, with mathematics guaranteeing the majority of QM Matrix affiliates lose money.