OPM Wealth disclose nothing about the opportunity on their website.

The entire site is basically a capture page, pitching visitors on the usual promises of riches.

In OPM Wealth’s case, they’re pitching “12 weeks to six figures annually”.

This isn’t going to be a standard review because there’s not really much to OPM Wealth.

There’s no retail side to the business, 100% of commissions are tied to recruitment. Part of the deal appears to be credit and loan fraud, and payments within OPM Wealth are made in bitcoin.

In a nutshell you sign up for OPM Wealth membership:

  • Hermes ($2000)
  • Apollo ($5000)
  • Athena ($8500)
  • Poseidon ($14500)
  • Zeus ($27500)

You have to buy in each tier to earn off it. Commissions are paid when you recruit other affiliates who also buy in.

Commissions are two levels deep (unilevel), paying 60% on level 1 and 10% on level 2.

One of the main marketing focuses of OPM Wealth is the use of “other people’s money” to sign up.

That means getting a loan, which of course OPM Wealth’s “coaches” are standing by to help you with.

In a nutshell you’ll pay someone to fix your credit score, then use that score to obtain a loan to fund your OPM Wealth membership.

Of course you’re not going to tell whoever you obtain the loan from that you want the money to join a pyramid scheme, and so the idea is OPM Wealth affiliates obtain loans via deception.

But hey, when pyramid schemes themselves are illegal, what’s a little credit fraud on the side.

Heading up OPM Wealth is Stefan Dessalines (right).

Dessalines is unlikely to be working alone (Jeremy Miner?), but none of that’s disclosed on OPM Wealth’s website.

Dessalines appears in OPM Wealth’s marketing videos, so he’s pretty much the public face of the company.

I had a look into his background and didn’t find anything remarkable. Dessalines seems to have been trying to make it as a digital marketer for some time.

The precursor to OPM Wealth appears to be a May 29th video titled “OPM Video How It Works”.


Update 9th March 2021 – I’d previously linked to the “OPM Video How It Works” video referenced above.

As of March 8th, 2021, the video has been pulled from YouTube. /end update


In the video Dessalines attempts to convince the viewer he knows something about the “3 categories of business”; dating/sex, weight loss and money.

Obviously that didn’t pan out, and so we have the pyramid scheme OPM Wealth.

I guess Dessalines is trying to make a name for himself as the next Michael Force or Matt Lloyd.

And that’s an important take-away, because OPM Wealth is basically Digital Altitude and MOBE with bitcoin.

It’s the same promise of riches, “let our coaches close for you” marketing, get a loan to join pitch.

The same pitch that saw thousands collectively lose hundreds of millions in MOBE and Digital Altitude.

You know how this ends. OPM Wealth will chug along until recruitment tanks.

If the FTC gets involved, by then the usual suspects will have made their money and moved onto the next scam.

Stefan Dessalines and whoever he’s working with will take the fall and follow in Force’s and Lloyd’s footsteps as the next digital marketing pariahs.

You, the victim, won’t see any of your money. Or if you’re lucky in five or six years you might get a small percentage of it back.

It’s far easier to just not sign up for garbage like OPM Wealth in the first place.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

Find someone who lost money in Digital Altitude and MOBE and get their opinion. You’ll be surprised at the similarities.