Monetize 911 operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche.

The company, which also refers to itself as “Stablecoin Univercity”, is headed up by Chairman Leslie Robert Wolfe.

In a linked personal bio, Wolfe (right) represents that he operates out of California and Nevada.

BehindMLM first came across Wolfe back in 2014, as founder of NextLevelX.

NextLevelX was a gifting scheme that has long-since collapsed.

In his aforementioned linked personal bio, Wolfe represents he was involved in Next Level Africa.

Next Level Africa ( Did an “exit” with this Crowdfunding platform.

Next Level Africa was a Ponzi coin cycler launched in 2015.

On Wolfe’s personal YouTube channel (“Les Wolfe”), a video uploaded in June 2016 promotes SmashFund.

SmashFund was a pyramid scheme launched in mid 2016. Wolfe marketed SmashFund as an “incredible world-saver product”.

At the time of publication Alexa ranks top sources of traffic to Monetize 911’s website as the US (15%), Mexico (12%) and Venezuela (11%).

Read on for a full review of Monetize 911’s MLM opportunity.

Monetize 911’s Products

Monetize 911 has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Monetize 911 affiliate membership itself.

Monetize 911’s Compensation Plan

Monetize 911 affiliates sign up and receive yet to be named stablecoins.

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency, typically pegged to the USD.

Monetize 911 promises affiliates $25 worth of three stablecoins, respectively pegged to the USD, EUR and GBP.

All the “stable coins” you receive from us are at $1 USD Each Coin. $1 EURO Each Coin and $1 GBP Each Coin.

The MLM side of Monetize 911 is tied to recruitment of affiliates.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

Monetize 911 rewards affiliates with $25 in stablecoins for each affiliate they recruit.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

Monetize 911 pays residual commissions via a 4×10 matrix.

A 4×10 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with four positions directly under them:

These four positions form the first level of the matrix. The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting these four positions into another four positions each (16 positions).

Levels three to ten of the matrix are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing four times as many positions as the previous level.

Positions in the matrix are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of Monetize 911 affiliates.

For each affiliate recruited into the matrix, Monetize 911 pays $5 in stablecoins.

Joining Monetize 911

Monetize 911 affiliate membership is free.


Sign up for free and receive $25 in stablecoins.


Your first reaction should be how is Les Wolfe giving away $25 a pop and more in referral commissions.

The answer? Because blockchain.

Wolfe is cashing in on the “stablecoin” term. What he’s actually doing is creating three shitcoins out of thin air and merely representing they are worth $1/€1/£1 each.

That representation is based on bollocks, like most of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The pyramid nature of the business comes down to commissions being tied to recruitment. Free affiliate membership doesn’t change the fact that anticipated earnings in Monetize 911 are still tied to recruitment.

So with that out of the way what’s the Wolfe’s gameplan?

Most likely when cryptocurrency shows the slightest upward trend, Wolfe will launch his stablecoins.

In the meantime people are being led to believe they’re getting $25 worth of some coin when they sign up as a Monetize 911 affiliate, which isn’t the case.

Furthermore Wolfe is marketing speculative profits;

We also have other Crypto in the opinion of Market Makers, Investors and Analysts to be at some point, Worth $100,000 (or more) For Each Coin!

WHY? Because the assets keep growing every week thereby increasing the coins’ value, and, the amount of coin users will be exponential through this platform creating more value.

The “assets” huh? That’s a funny name for “money we charge people to offload our worthless coins onto”.

Seriously, some of the bullshit Monetize 911 affiliates are pitching on social media is hilarious;

There is a new crypto token being started that is backed by a wealthy consortium of investors.

They are backing this coin with $3.7 Trillion (that’s with a “T”!) in assets, and they want to “give” away $2 Billion of it pre-launch… sort of like a “loss-leader” that businesses offer.

Gee whiz, how nice of them. What a swell bunch of chaps.

The ultimate Monetize 911 end-goal is coordinated manipulation:

We are ready to give away billions of dollars in “stable coins” so there can be “billions” of coin users.

Just think of the power this brings to the “consortium” so we can not only dwarf Bitcoin, but add strong backing for our registering with the SEC via Regulation D, 506(c) with Accredited Investors and Regulation D, Rule 701 for Advisors.

Basically what this means is, stock options.

What’s actually going to happen is whenever Wolfe gets around to running his shitcoin script and creating stablecoins, is that there will be a rush to sell.

$1 is $1 right? So why wait?

And you can see this already happening:

On top of securities fraud, Wolfe is running a $10.88 “supporter & founder” scheme.

You’ll receive first-movers advantage on all new products, unique financial services in our upcoming FDIC Registered Bank which will include things like checking accounts that can pay 1% to 2% per month and, you’ll have VOTING RIGHTS.

Should you be selected as an “Advisor” to our program, and as pursuant to SEC Regulation D, Rule 701, you could receive LOTS of stock options and there is no cost to be an Advisor.

Uh, what?

Marketing stock and a bank paying 1% to 2% a month is definitely securities fraud territory.

Banking regulations I’m not so familiar with but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be using a bank and potential returns unless you’ve actually got a bank.

The last thing I want to touch on is Wolfe marketing the same scam through multiple channels.

In addition to Monetize 911 you have the racially targeted “Billion Dollar Black”;

What is BILLION DOLLAR BLACK™? It’s a “financial education” platform for the Black Community where people can learn about and be involved with unique benefits, services, products and business models to generate revenue and be an advisor to vote on how the platform grows.

In other words, your voice counts.

Well y’know, so long as you don’t dare voice any of that politics stuff.

News concerning politics is not allowed because we prefer positive content. Wouldn’t you agree?

Leave that to the white folks kthx.

See if you recognize the Billion Dollar Black pitch;

Then there’s the “gig workers” version:

Like shitcoins being clones of each other, Wolfe has cloned his own opportunity under multiple brands.

Regardless of what the name of the scheme is though, the outcome is the same:

You sign up, recruit a bunch of people on the promise of riches, and you all get left holding worthless tokens.

And that’s the best case scenario. More likely you get upsold, spend a bunch of money on stupid ass hype coins and … you all get left holding worthless tokens.

The long and the short of it is “what if?” isn’t a business model. It’s a marketing pitch used to separate you from your money.