Medical Marketing Project operates from “”.

The website “” is active, however based on marketing copy on the site I believe it’s run by affiliates (“MMP Global Team”).

Medical Marketing Project provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

Medical Marketing Project’s website domain was privately registered on November 11th, 2019.

The domain registration was last updated on December 16th 2020. Medical Marketing Project’s current website went live on or around February 2021.

In the footer of its website, Medical Marketing Project represents it is incorporated in Delaware as Your Private Equity Trade LLC.

The marketing video embedded on Medical Marketing Project’s website is hosted on the YouTube channel “The Team”.

The only other video on the channel is an April 2020 titled “Private Equity Trade – Yooinvest. Medical Breakthrough Investment”.

It seems Medical Marketing Project is a reboot of a failed scheme launched about a year ago.

I came across “Yooinvest” again on Medical Marketing Project’s website:

You can visit the domain yourself and see that Yooinvest is the same premise as Medical Marketing Project.

So who’s behind it?

The domain “” was first registered back in 2012. The registration was last updated on April 2nd, 2021.

Wynand Wessels (right) is listed as the domain owner, through an address in Gauteng, South Africa.

With a bit of Google-fu, I was able to also link Noel Adams to Yooinvest:

Note that Adams appears to be on a mission to remove any connection to himself and Yooinvest.

I’ve provided a cached example above. All of the live content linking Adams to Yooinvest has recently been deleted.

Noel Adams (right) popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in 2015, as admin of the Next Level Africa Ponzi cycler.

A BehindMLM reader identified Wynand Wessels as Adam’s “sidekick” and web designer.

It would be remiss not to consider Adams as either a patsy for Wessels or them being in cahoots.

Adams runs his various scams under the “Smada World” banner.

Next Level Africa collapsed in 2019, although Adams managed to string Next Level Africa victims along until early 2020.

Cue the failed launch of Yooinvest on or around April 2020, and now the Medical Marketing Project / Your Private Equity reboot a year later.

Noel Adams and Wynand Wessels operate out of South Africa. Beyond a meaningless shell incorporation in Delaware, Medical Marketing Project has no ties to the US.

Read on for a full review of Medical Marketing Project’s MLM opportunity.

Medical Marketing Project’s Products

Medical Marketing Project has no retailable products or services.

Medical Marketing Project affiliates are only able to market affiliate membership itself.

Medical Marketing Project’s Compensation Plan

Medical Marketing Project affiliates invest in PET tokens.

PET are internal tokens Medical Marketing Project’s owners create on demand.

PET tokens are currently being flogged to Medical Marketing Project affiliates for $21 each.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, PET tokens are used to purchase positions in six matrix tiers.

I don’t have specifics on matrix sizes but marketing material suggests 5×4 matrices are in use.

A 5×4 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with five positions directly under them:

The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting each of those five positions into another five positions each (25 positions).

Levels three and onward are generated in the same manner, with each new level housing five times as many positions as the previous level.

As for how much it costs to purchase matrix positions, all we know is the first tier is $5 a week.

Positions in each matrix are filled via purchases by directly and indirectly recruited affiliates.

Commissions are paid on the position purchases.

Note that commission amounts and costs beyond the initial $5 a week tier are not disclosed.

Certificate Investment Scheme

Each Medical Marketing Project matrix position purchase comes with a PDF certificate.

Noel Adams represents each certificate is attached to a potential $14,777.20 ROI.

Joining Medical Marketing Project

Medical Marketing Project affiliate membership is tied to a $5 a week matrix position purchase.

Due to the costs of higher matrices not being disclosed, full participation costs are unknown.


Medical Marketing Project is a continuation of Noel Adam’s Next Level Africa investment fraud.

What NLA Ponzi points where to Next Level Africa, PET tokens are to Medical Marketing Project.

Same ruse, same outcome. When it all falls apart Medical Marketing Project affiliates will be left bagholding worthless PET tokens.

The ruse this time is baloney about medical projects, because reasons, will be funneled through Medical Marketing Project.

Through the awareness of our program,we will continue to attract more scientists with their leading edge drugs and developments to incorporate them in order to assist with funding to bring them to market.

We offer a true win-win-win opportunity for investors of any scale, scientists and MMP community members.

The more people we attract as investors,the more scientists we attract,the more financial wealth is spread around as well.

Blah blah blah everyone is going to make $14,777.20 by just investing $5 a week.

Whether certificates attached to the higher matrix tiers promise even more ridiculous returns is unclear.

If you want to confirm returns touted by Medical Marketing Project are bullshit, ask for evidence anyone has been paid $14777.20 since YooInvest’s failed April 2020 launch.

In any event it should be clear that Noel Adam’s latest Ponzi scheme has nothing to do with medical research.

Medical Marketing Project is literally a serial scammer sitting in South Africa, pretending to be in the US and stealing money from people.

As ranked by Alexa, at the time of publication gullible investors from Australia (66%) and Cambodia (31%) are being fleeced.

Pie in the sky certificate returns aside, the money being stolen through Medical Marketing Project is via the matrix positions. And on top of that cashing PET tokens out.

The matrix positions are pyramid recruitment. Cashing PET tokens means receiving subsequently invested funds, which makes Medical Marketing Project a Ponzi scheme.

Look no further to victims of Next Level Africa for confirmation that every Ponzi scheme leaves the majority of investors with a loss.


Update 30th April 2021 – Apparently PET coin is being artificially increased in price every 6 weeks.

Next Level Africa / Smada World victims are being asked to “retrieve” their account by paying for PET tokens being attached to the accounts at $25 a pop.