Elite Stream TV provides no information on their website about who owns or runs the business.

The Elite Stream TV website domain (“elitestreamtv.com”) was registered on August 12th, 2018. Caujuan Mayo is listed as the owner, through an address in San Diego, California.

A marketing video on the Elite Stream TV website bears Caujuan Mayo’s name. Videos uploaded to the YouTube channel reveal Mayo (right) also promotes Royaltie and Finish Line Network.

Going further back, over the past few years Mayo has promoted the Trade Coin Club Ponzi scheme, TecademicsFinancial Education Services and Traffic Authority.

Read on for a full review of the Elite Stream TV MLM opportunity.

Elite Stream TV

Elite Stream TV has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Elite Stream TV affiliate membership itself.

Elite Stream TV affiliate membership provides access to third-party streamed content.

The Elite Stream TV Compensation Plan

Elite Stream TV affiliates pay $30 a month. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Elite Stream TV pay recruitment commissions down two levels of recruitment (unilevel).

When a new affiliate signs up and pays their $30 a month fee,

  1. the affiliate who recruited them receives $10 and
  2. their upline (the affiliate who recruited them) receives $5

Joining Elite Stream TV

Elite Stream TV affiliate membership is $30 a month.


Tellingly, Elite Stream TV provide no copyright holder agreements for any of the content they represent is accessible through their service.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, the company also advertises subscribers can

watch newly released movies and special features you can only find online, cable or theaters.

Further research reveals Elite Stream TV requiring subscribers to login through the “kstreams.tk” domain:

KStreams charge $10 a month for access to copyrighted content. The company provides no licensing agreements with any of the copyright holders it broadcasts the content of.

I believe all Elite Stream TV are doing is repackaging KStreams’ service and tacking on $15 for the compensation plan. The leftover $5 is likely retained by Elite Stream TV.

KStreams is a relatively new “fly by night” pirate stream provider. The Kstreams website domain was only registered in late June and will probably disappear the second they run into problems (either technological or legal).

That will leave Elite Stream TV subscribers in a lurch. And owing to shady nature of the business, Elite Stream TV provide “ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!!!”

Illegal access to pirated content, pyramid recruitment and no refunds. Hard pass.


Update 2nd September 2018 – We initially misidentified Ninja TV Services as the owner of KStreams. Turns out they’re just another reseller.