decideyourpath-logoAs per the DecideYourPath FAQ,

DYP is owned and operated by Mike Peever of Ontario, Canada.

Mike has been an online marketer since the late 1990s. He has been a program owner/admin for 9 plus years.

His first sites are still online. was launched in early 2008 and still provides great advertising on the text ad site platform.

His first affiliate marketing program, Steps2Infinity is still online as well.

His other sites include; AdCoopPays, OneBuckMarketing, TheLastCycler, CashClubInternational, MyPaycheckWeekly, ICCycle, CashTextAds and IncrementalCash to name a few.

Of those companies, BehindMLM has reviewed Cash Club International and The Last Cycler.

Both of those were matrix-based recruitment schemes, with The Last Cycler combining a revenue-sharing Ponzi element.

Peever seems to have a thing for matrix cyclers, having continuously launched new schemes as previous one stalled and collapsed over time.

DecideYourPath would appear to be Peever’s latest offering.

Read on for a full review of the DecideYourPath MLM business opportunity.

The DecideYourPath Product Line

DecideYourPath has no retailable product or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Once signed up, DecideYourPath affiliates can then purchase positions in the compensation plan.

Bundled with each of these positions are a series of advertising credits, discount cards and digital products.

The DecideYourPath Compensation Plan

The DecideYourPath compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing $15 positions, and getting paid when they recruit others who do the same.

Commissions are tracked via a 4×6 matrix, which has a total of 5460 positions:


The structure of DecideYourPath’s matrix is such that affiliates are paid per level of the matrix being filled.

A fee is charged to qualify for commissions at each matrix level, with the idea being that affiliate fund the fees out of commissions earnt from the previous level.

  • level 1 ($10) – $4 per position filled (4 positions total)
  • level 2 ($12) – $5 per position filled (16 positions total)
  • level 3 ($25) – $10 per position filled (64 positions total)
  • level 4 ($70) – $28 per position filled (256 positions total)
  • level 5 ($250) – $100 per position filled (1024 positions total)
  • level 6 ($1100) – $440 per position filled (4096 positions total)

A 100% matching bonus is also paid out on the matrix commissions paid to personally recruited affiliates.

Recruitment Commissions

DecideYourPath affiliates are paid $3 for every $15 position purchase by personally recruited affiliates.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are paid out via an identical 4×7 matrix.

These commissions are funded by way of a monthly fee, either paid directly or out of commissions paid via the regular matrix.

For $20 a month, DecideYourPath affiliates earn a percentage of the monthly fees charged to other affiliates.

How much of a commission is paid out depends on what level of the matrix a fee-paying downline affiliate is allocated to:

  • level 1 – $2 per position filled
  • levels 2 to 6 – $1 per position filled
  • level 7 – $1.50 per position filled

Joining DecideYourPath

Affiliate membership with DecideYourPath is free, with affiliates able to earn recruitment and matching bonus commissions by recruiting new affiliates.

If an affiliate wishes to earn matrix commissions, they themselves need to purchase at least one $15 position.

Monthly residual commissions are $20 a month on top of that.


Continuing on from where he left on, Mike Peever has launched yet another recruitment-driven scheme.

Affiliates buy in for $15 a pop and are then directly compensated for recruiting others into the scheme.

These recruited affiliates purchase $15 positions and the process repeats itself.

As with all recruitment-driven schemes, once recruitment slows down so too will the purchase of new positions.

This means commissions will stall, and nobody gets paid.

The $20 a month add-on scheme will probably collapse long before the $15 matrix positions do as, compared to the matrix payouts, $20 a month is a pretty hefty fee.

What with this supposed to be paid out regular matrix commissions, people dropping out of the $15 a month component (it’s optional), pretty much signals an eminent scheme collapse.

Peever’s MO is then to disappear for a while, before eventually returning with a new scheme. Watch out for claims of his past schemes still “being online”.

His MLM history is littered with websites that are still up, advertising schemes that have long-since collapsed.

DecideYourPath isn’t going to be any different.