cash-club-international-logoMost advertising network based MLM opportunities these days essentially boil down into having to fill a matrix with recruits, cycling out and repeating the process.

With certainty sooner or later members run out of new members to recruit and the matrix (and commissions) stall.

So what happens when you take the standard one matrix advertising MLM model and make your members jump through six?

Read on for a full review of the Cash Club International MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the Cash Club International website about who is running the opportunity or who owns it.

The domain was registered on the 12th November 2011 listing a registrant as one Mr. Mike Peever or Ontario in Canada.

Peever’s past business ventures appear to be Cash Text Ads back in 2008, which was a pay-to-read/click SMS ads opportunity, something called XAG (a buying silver MLM) and a whole bunch of recruitment focused and matrix based low-cost opportunities (Fortune 5 Bucks, F5B Ads, Incremental Cash and Steps 2 Infinity).

Peever also appears to be a member of Zeek Rewards under the username ‘mikepeever’.

None of Peever’s previous business opportunities seems to have lasted very long and this appears to be the motivation behind his launch of Cash Club International.

The Cash Club International Product Line

Cash Club International has no retail products available and as such its members are left to market membership to the opportunity itself.

When members pay their membership fees to Cash Club International they are given 1000 Text Ad Impressions, 1000 Side Banner Impressions and 1000 Banner Impressions which can be used to place ads on an internal advertising network on Cash Club International.

Cash Club Internatonal state that this adveritisng will also be on display at ‘other locations in our M2I network of sites‘. M2I would appear to stand for Marketing 2 Infinity and corresponds with the email address Peever used to register the Cash Club International website with.

One can therefore assume the M2I network is simply the other failed matrix based MLM opportunity websites Peever owns.

The advertising packages attached to Cash Club International membership cannot be bought at a retail level without joining the company and paying a membership fee.

The Cash Club International Compensation Plan

The Cash Club International compensation plan primarily revolves around matrix commissions but also includes a fast start and matching bonuses.

Matrix Commissions

Through the use of six matrices (or ‘clubs’ as Cash Club International refer to them), members can recruit new members to Cash Club International and once a matrix is full, cycle out of it and earn a commission.

The six matrices Cash Club International use are slightly different in size and offer members different payouts.

Club 1

  • 2×1 matrix (2 positions to fill)
  • $11 entry
  • $5 cycle commission
  • automatic entry into club 2 matrix

Club 2

  • 2×2 matrix (6 positions to fill)
  • $5 cycle commission
  • automatic entry into clubs 1 and 3

Club 3

  • 3×2 matrix (12 positions to fill)
  • $20 cycle commissions
  • automatic re-entry into clubs 4, 2 and 1 (2 entries into club 1)

Club 4

  • 4×2 matrix (20 positions to fill)
  • $450 cycle commissions
  • automatic entry into clubs 1 (4 entries), 2 (3 entries), 3, 4 and 5

Club 5

  • 5×2 matrix (30 positions to fill)
  • $9000 cycle commissions
  • automatic entry into clubs 1 (10 entries), 2 (10 entries), 3 (5 entries), 4 (3 entries), 5, and 10

Club 10

  • 2×10 matrix (2046 positions to fill)
  • $1000 per member as they are added to your matrix

The first matrix must be bought into and is the only way for members to advance themselves up Cash Club International’s various matrices.

In addition to a cycle commission members are also given various advertising credits that increase in number as they cycle out of higher matrices.

Joining Cash Club International

Those looking to join Cash Club International have two options available to them, paid and free membership.

Free membership costs nothing but limits members to only earning Fast Start commissions and matching cycle bonuses.

Paid membership entitles a member to participate in the matrices and earn commissions of them (note that buy-in into the Club 1 matrix is an additional expense).

Cash Club International don’t explicitly mention what the monthly subscription cost is for paid membership, but I assume it is the cost of a buy-in to the Club 1 matrix, that being $11.


With no retail product or service to purchase and 100% of commissions paid out of matrix buy-in fees and monthly subscriptions, it’s pretty obvious Cash Club International is a straight up recruitment scam.

Not only that but with 6 matrices in play, the sheer amount of members required to get into the upper matrices is mind boggling.

Like Mike Peever’s other matrix-based MLM opportunities that operated in a similar manner, I imagine despite his best efforts to keep the matrices rolling with a ridiculous amount of re-entries tied into cycle commissions, inevitably the new members will dry up and the entire system will collapse.

Stay well clear of this one folks.