cash-money-bucket-logoThere is no information on the Cash Money Bucket website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Cash Money Bucket website domain (“”) was registered on the 20th of October 2014, with Robert McAtamney listed as the domain owner. An address in Queensland, Australia is also provided.

McAtamney first popped up on BehindMLM’s radar as the admin of the recently launched One Time Infinity Ponzi scheme.

Cash Money Bucket would appear to be the precursor to One Time Infinity.

Read on for a full review of the Cash Money Bucket MLM business opportunity.

The Cash Money Bucket Product Line

Cash Money Bucket has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Cash Money Bucket affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, Cash Money Bucket affiliates purchase $10 matrix positions to participate in the MLM income opportunity.

Bundled with each of these positions are a series of advertising credits, which can be used to display advertising on the Cash Money Bucket website itself.

Cash Money Bucket affiliates who purchase matrix positions are also given access to a “full suite of marketing materials”.

The Cash Money Bucket Compensation Plan

The Cash Money Bucket compensation plan sees affiliates purchase $10 matrix positions and get paid to recruit others who do the same.

Purchased matrix positions are pushed through a four-tier matrix cycler, with commissions paid out as follows:

Starter Level (positions cost $10)

Cash Money Bucket’s Starter Level matrix is a 3×1, requiring three additional position purchases before a position cycles into a Level 1 matrix.

Level 1 Matrix

The Level 1 matrix is a 2×3, placing an affiliate at the top of a matrix with two positions directly under them (level 1):


The second level of the matrix is generated by splitting the first two positions into another two positions each, with the third level generated by splitting the second level positions in the same manner (fourteen positions in total).

Once a Level 1 matrix has been filled, a $20 commission is paid out and the position cycles into a Level 2 matrix.

Level 2 Matrix

The Level 2 matrix is a 2×2, one less level than the 2×3 used for Level 1 (six positions to fill).


Once a Level 2 matrix has been filled, a $50 commission is paid out and the position cycles into a Level 3 matrix.

Level 3 Matrix

The Level 3 matrix is a 2×3, the same size as that used in Level 1.

Once a Level 3 matrix has been filled, a $900 commission is paid out and two new Level 1 matrix positions are created.

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions in Cash Money Bucket are paid out when personally recruited affiliates cycle out of one of the four matrix tiers as follows:

  • Starter Level Matrix = $5
  • Level 1 Matrix = $10
  • Level 2 Matrix = $20
  • Level 3 Matrix = $40

Joining Cash Money Bucket

Affiliate membership with Cash Money Bucket is free, however affiliates must purchase at least one $10 matrix position if they wish to participate in the MLM income opportunity.

As such the defacto cost of Cash Money Bucket affiliate membership is $10 (the cost of one matrix position).

The purchase of any additional positions upon signing up as a new Cash Money Bucket affiliate will add on to this initial cost.


A reflection of the MLM underbelly schemes Robert McAtamney has participated in as an affiliate, Cash Money Bucket operates as a four-tier matrix cycler Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates invest $10 and then, through recruitment of new affiliates and subsequent position investment, work towards an eventual $970 ROI.

When combined with referral commissions ($75), each Cash Money Bucket position requires 105 new position purchases to cycle through all four matrix levels.

Those 105 positions then require 10,972 positions, and from there things get completely out of hand.

As with most matrix cycler Ponzi schemes, McAtamney has likely preloaded Cash Money Bucket with positions of his own. This ensures he cycles first and then capitalizes on recycled positions once his initial positions cycle out of the four matrix tier.

At that point anyone investing has no hope in hell of generating a ROI through the fourth level, with McAtamney keeping trapped funds once the scheme collapses.

What with the recent launch of One Time Infinity, there’s a good chance Cash Money Bucket has already collapsed – or at the very least cycle wait times have already hit the 6 month+ mark.


Update 30th July 2016 – A few days ago Cash Money Bucket announced they were rebooting with a new prelaunch. The Cash Money Bucket compensation plan has changed as per our Cash Money Bucket Review v2.0.