Keeping track of Antony Norman’s various scam launches is no easy task.

In our recently published Wellmont Capital review, we documented Norman’s acquisition of John Barksdale’s failed InnerQuest Global Limited Ponzi scheme.

In its dying days, InnerQuest’s last hurrah was IQ Legacy.

Norman (right) rolled IQ Legacy into Wellmont Capital. He also simultaneously launched IQ5050 which, less than a month out of launch, has already collapsed.

In a June 9th press-release, Sprinkle Group announced it had acquired InnerQuest Limited.

Sprinke Group is a company that only came into existence earlier this year.

Since then they’ve “entered into an agreement” with Wellmont Capital, tying Antony Norman to all three companies.

Call me cynical but there’s a good chance Norman has a thumb in Sprinkle Group too.

In any event, after Norman sold IQ5050 back to himself through Sprinkle Group, the company announced it will be ‘rebranded to the brand owned by Sprinkle‘.

And so for those of your following along from home:

Ormeus Global Ponzi schemes –> IQ Legacy Ponzi schemes, the last of which was IQ5050 –> Bakuhatsu.

At the time of publication details on Bakuhatsu’s business model are vague.

In an official webinar hosted by Matthew Connelly, the company claims to provide access to “AI trading technology”.

This has been the ruse behind the scheme dating back to Ormeus Global and their B2x89 trading bot.

The fact of the matter is had Ormeus Global’s automated trading bot actually worked, there’d have been no need for umpteenth reboots.

Instead Ormeus Global and its InnerQuest spin-offs have done nothing but cause widespread losses.

Seeing as it’s pitching the same auto trading Ponzi model, expect more of the same from Bakuhatsu… or whatever they rename and relaunch it as in a few months.